Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Four

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I cried a lot in the car today. The good news is mum finally seemed to figure out why. If she talks to me, or preferably, strokes me then I am OK. She explained that she can’t always stroke me though, because she has to ‘drive’. I think the car is very selfish, needing both of her hands. Anyway, we got there in the end and mum walked me around outside for a bit. I knew what we were there for before we went into the building this time. The big German Shepard called Ella was also being walked around by her mum, and I would know THAT bark anywhere.

I tried to make the escape from the door when we reached the classroom, but mum was having none of it. So, we sat down and I tried to get under the seat again but mum was having none of that either! She said I had to try and not hide so much this week. No chance of that anyway because as soon as everybody arrived we were practicing the walking to heel thing.
Ella, the big German Shepard and Alice, the big Whippet-Cross dog don’t seem to like each other very much. So when we were walking, they pulled on their leads to shout at each other. I was really scared because we were in the middle! I darted under mums feet AND SHE STOOD ON MY PAW! I said OUCH really loud and when mum bent down to pet me, I could see she felt really bad. We were really near the door, so I used this opportunity to try and steer us out of it. Turns out mum didn’t feel quite bad enough for that to work, though 😦

Next, we did some more recall training, and everybody laughed at me because mum didn’t even have to say ‘come’ or hold out any cheese. Every step she took back I was already following! Alice’s dad dropped her lead when it was her turn and Alice decided she would go and say a closer ‘hello’ to Ella. It caused a bit of panic, but I don’t think they were fighting! It was scary though because the Lady That Talks a Lot sprayed that can at them to stop them barking. It didn’t work like always, but it did make me do a little wee on the floor!

millie training week 4

The Lady That Talks a Lot said that we might benefit from some ‘socialisation’ exercises. This involved us all standing in a line, equal distances apart and then our mums and dads weaving us around and through each other. Mum was very nervous about how close the others might get, because she knows I like to stay well away. But it was to teach us that it’s OK for another dog to walk by us.
The first dog was Ella and she didn’t really pay me any attention. She sniffed me, and that was it. I found this all incredibly boring and just laid by mums feet, I didn’t even bother to look at them in the end. When it was our turn to do the weaving, they all looked at me, of course, but it was OK and they didn’t try to get up. The lady That Talks a Lot told my mum that they were checking if I was a dog or not, because most of them probably hadn’t seen one with hair like mine and it makes my shape different. She meant beautiful, I think, but she couldn’t say that in front of the others. There is only one boy in our class and the other girls were bound to get jealous.

For the last part of the lesson, we just sat quiet and all of the humans talked. That bit was OK, mum kept offering me cheese and saying I had been a ‘good girl’ but I’m still not interested in eating here. Yes, even if it is cheese! I looked for it when we got back to the car, but mum said she wouldn’t give it to me. I had to know it was a treat for doing well in the class. That was OK though, I had a little nap and by the time I woke up we were home. Thank dog that’s over for another week!

Woofs, Millie x