Myfie is a (nearly) Six year old West Highland White Terrier male. He’s king of our world and he’s got a stubborn streak in him to show it. Though everything he does is in good humour and his great big sparkly eyes and a flick of his tail always give him away. He’s a little joker that’s full of mirth, mischief and love!

Myfie Loves:
Food: dinner from his blue ‘Prince’ bowl
Having his bottom scratched, just above his tail.
Food: stealing dinner from the girls’ bowls.
Long walks
Food: Treats and plenty of ‘em
Dressing up
Food: CHEESE!!!
Playing rough with the girls
Food: “I need them sticks for my teeth mum”.
Thinking he’s boss
Food: what’ve you got?
Wildlife documentaries (yes, really)
Food: Did I mention he really likes it?
Car rides, especially if he gets to ride shotgun!
Food: it’s yummy in my tummy, mummy
Big cuddles, especially if he knows you’re sad.
Food: it rhymes with mood, geddit?

Myfie hates:
Bath time!
The rain!
Having his face groomed!
The grooming van!

Answers to:
Cheeky boy, Myfie Moo, Wiffy Myfie, Myfster

Favourite Game:
Fetch. Well, chase after the ball and run away with it really. If he brings it back to you; you aren’t allowed to have it!

General Demeanor:
Laid back … very.

Claim of Shame:
In a single (secret, while she was away) visit, he ‘did his business’ outside my bosses office door and relieved himself on my work mates shoe.

5 thoughts on “Myfie

  1. Oh I am in love!! Myfie is precious! I had no idea he iz a Westie!!! Love that breed & the Scottish terriers too. They are unique dogs & have definite personalities….
    Hello Myfie!!!! Woudl you like a treat?? 😉
    Shrri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

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