Pooch and Mutt: In Review

Hello peeps and pups!
Way back when (I think before even Crufts!) The lovely folk at Pooch and Mutt asked if we would like to do a review for them, which y’know was a bit of a daft question giving that it entails food; but I put the proposition to the crew anyway and it was a resounding paws up (surprise, surprise).

Pooch and Mutt kindly offered to provide a tube of treats and a bag of food in our choice of flavour and benefit. Now, I have heard of the company before because one of my very good friends has had some products from them, but we have never tried them out ourselves and I didn’t know they did actual FOOD! So I popped over to their lovely website for a peruse (which, you can do here http://poochandmutt.co.uk/) and was excited by what I saw!

Lets talk about the food first.
My three terrors (yes terrors, not terriers, terrors) are fed on a kibble based diet anyway, so this was perfect and actually we are quite happy with our choice. We put a LOT of research into what was best, but they’ve been on the same thing for a few years now and since then we’ve definitely looked into the benefits of switching to grain-free. Pooch and Mutt food IS  grain-free so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The foods come in five different types:
Calm and Relaxed: A Turkey and Sweet Potato blend for dogs that tend to be anxious or excitable – (Ellie = Check)
Move Easy: Made with Scottish salmon for dogs with mobility issues or those that are highly active – (Errr hmmm possibly?)
Slim & Slender: Made with fresh, British, free-run chicken and sweet potato for dogs that are overweight – (Looking at you Myfie, sorry dude)
Fresh Breath: Ingredients as above, promotes breath freshness, oral hygiene and digestion – (Applies to all what dogs’ breath couldn’t use a little freshening?)
Digestion and Wind: Made with Scottish salmon and sweet potato, for dogs that have poor or sensitive digestive systems – (Triple DING!!!)

Yep, we went for Digestion and Wind… for the same reasons as why you would want your dogs breath to smell fresher, just… y’know, the other end. Also, Ellie does have a very sensitive tummy, she always has had so our other food is formulated for this and it helps to keep the others nice and trim (at least that’s the theory).

Eliie with food

We had read other glowing reviews for this stuff on the website before we ordered and many people had said that rather than changing their dogs diet completely, they added this to the food and even that helped. So that reassured me a little too, since changing over your dogs food should ALWAYS be done gradually and should never be a speedy, off-the-cuff thing.

Millie with food bag

The little pellets look quite similar to their existing food, and the pups did seem to be loving the smell… which yes, was decidedly fishy. I let them have a little taste straight from the bag, and it seemed to go down well.

Myfie with food and treats

So what was the outcome?
Well, Myfie and Ellie loved the stuff! They wolfed that first, after sorting it from the usual food. Millie, however, also sorted it from the other food but instead of eating it, she lined it up alongside her dish. She discarded it, basically. Nevertheless, I persevered because she CAN be a creature of habit so it could have just been that she needed to get used to it.
Despite initially eating what I gave her out of my hand as a treat, she stopped eating it that way too. Maybe she just isn’t a fish girl? I don’t blame her, I am not keen either.

Results-wise (and please do bear in mind it can take time to switch over a food) it WAS decidedly less, erm, gassy(?) in the evening… from the two Westies at least. The food, to me seemed to be high quality and good value for money (particularly compared to other high-end grain-free kibble brands). I definitely WOULD give it another chance, and consider swapping completely but it would have to be in another flavour.
Typical, Millie. Little Miss Fussy Pants.

So what about those treats?

Millie sniff biscuit
Now the treat tubes come in SEVEN different varieties. Four of which are the same as the foods listed above, in addition to:
Feel Good, Brain & Train and Puppy Development.

We opted for Fresh Breath, in a bid to rid smells from all, err, parts! 😉
All Pooch and Mutt dog treats are natural, ethical, low-calorie (like just 3 per biscuit) and gluten-free. They are hand-baked and in the shape of little mini bones, as you can see in the picture above! I was trying to take a picture for size comparison but apparently Millie thought the best way to do that was by having them in her mouth.

ellie treat box

Not that I want to spill any of her secrets here but, poor Ellie does have breath that smells a little fishy on occasion. So I really got these to see if they would make any difference to her! Did they? I’m not sure! Ellie would say they only work after eating the full box… nice try Ells!

Myfie treat tube

No, Myf! Not LITERALLY eat the box *eye roll*

Millie beg

But one thing IS for sure, all three pups absolutely LOVED these treats. See Millie up there? That’s her special beg she usually saves for Canine-Crack Dentastix. I loved the fact that they are so low calorie and good quality, despite them being small you really feel like you are giving them something special and worthy. I think the price is quite good too, £2.99 for 150 treats isn’t bad is it?

So, in conclusion?
Yeah, we’ll definitely be using Pooch and Mutt again. We’ll try all of the treats (that are appropriate) I think, and although the composition isn’t probably the same, the flavours should be. That would perhaps help with choosing a food? We’ll see… If you are looking for a high quality grain-free UK produced food? I would absolutely recommend you give these guys a try!

On a completely unrelated note, we all loved the packaging too! I’m a bit of a packaging snob, you all know that about me, so I appreciated that… for many more people though, I know it doesn’t make a big/any difference.

It’s worth noting too, that beside from the treats and food, Pooch and Mutt also do supplements. I am very interested in this, particularly as later in the year my little man will be not-so-little as he makes his journey into ‘Senior’ territory!

So… What do you think? Have any of you tried these goodies, or fancy giving them a go?

*DISCLAIMER: All views are our own, we have not and will not be paid for this review… nothing dodgy to see here!*

Crufts 2015: All About Our Pawsome Day.

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: Many of you by now will already know of the sadness and cloak of darkness surrounding Crufts this year. There are some important points that need to be, and that I want, to address. However, when my friend Susie and I attended we were blissfully unaware of the circumstances that were to come. It’s difficult, since I am writing retrospectively, to not think of all this when documenting our day but I feel it only fair to separate these topics. I do not think that the disgustingly deplorable actions of a few vile ‘humans’ should be allowed to completely overshadow the astonishingly good and amazing examples of the bond between dog and human, that most of us visit Crufts to enjoy.

Now on with the fun…

crufts agility pano

Hurray! The day finally arrived. It felt like it never would. We chose to attend Crufts on Friday this year, as I’m sure I have mentioned before there are so many ways to pick which day is best for you. Friday (and they do swap them around every year, just so you know) was ‘Working and Pastoral’ day, which meant that they were the dog ‘groups’ being judged that day, for entry into Best in Show on the Sunday. So why didn’t you go on ‘Terrier and Hound’ day or ‘Toy and Utility’ day? I hear you ask… well, because generally, for me, the actual ‘showing’ parts of Crufts are the bits I find least interesting. Oh, I love to see all of the different breeds and hear about who wins their ‘group’ or ‘Best in Show’ of course, but actually sitting and watching it happen? Nah, are you kidding me? There’s so many more exciting things to see and do… So I do those instead.
There was also a slight hope that going on a ‘school day’ would maybe, hopefully, mean fewer people too…

Around and about a

…just so you know, that’s a tiny strip of one of the FIVE halls, heading towards closing time 😉

Not to worry, for a more professional look at what it actually look like out there, why not let Reamus show you:

Well, since the Birmingham NEC is a good three hour journey away by car, you might have thought that we pinned our itinerary down to minute detail on the way? Erm. We had a look at the agenda and decided the parts we definitely, absolutely, couldn’t miss, and pretty much agreed to play it by ear.
For Susie, the most important thing was to lay her hands on some fur and cuteness. Not a problem, heading on over to the ‘Discover Dogs’ area in Hall 3 it was then. And for me, I particularly wanted to see some doggies dancing, so the activities in the ‘Arena’ were also a must. So, that’s where we headed first, since getting a good seat is important and ‘Heelwork to Music’ (dancing doggies!!!) started quite early.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I appreciate that the concept of Heelwork to Music, and in fact just seeing a random image of it in practice, seems pretty bonkers. Describing it to people, doesn’t make you sound any more sane either, to be honest. BUT this activity is fun with bells on! You just get sucked right in, or at least I do. The dogs LOVE it, you can see it in their little faces and with every wag of their tail… as well as the odd little bark (that they take marks off in scoring for… I still haven’t found out why, but I will).
*Sigh* Here’s a little link to exactly what we watched in the arena that day… if you can hear sobs of joy coming from the audience, it’s probably me…

Ok so… when the competition had ended (and I’d composed myself as the last one was particularly sad) there was a handy break. It was handy because otherwise you’ll just stay there all day. So we made ourselves move.

Crufts is a dog-shoppers dream! But to be fair, although we like to have a little browse and hopefully pick a few bits up, it’s the least important thing for either of us. I mean, we’d be in serious trouble if we didn’t go back with ANYTHING but we tend to scour the halls on our way to do other bits and pieces. This works out fairly well, since The Arena is in Hall One and Discover Dogs is right at the back of Hall Three… You’ve covered half of it right there.

I’m sure I’ve explained before what exactly Discover Dogs is, but in case you’ve forgotten, it’s basically ALL the dog breeds, in group and alphabetical order with their owners/breeders. You can go up, have a stroke and a cuddle if you’re lucky, and find out all about the breed. Some stands even have print outs with information, which is so handy if you are actually researching. For Susie and I though, it’s basically all about the cuddles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t be alarmed, those pens/crates are actually a lot bigger than they look. It’s not very easy to get a lot of great photographs and it’s ALWAYS very busy, but this is the best place to get your hands on some puppies at Crufts!

There are always plenty of dogs around and about here though, you often see people walking one by, and as dog owners they sense your eagerness and will usually stop and let you meet and greet. After we had our fill of paw shakes and cuddles we (read: the dogs went home) we moved on again, throughout the halls and stalls and stands. By this point, I think we were both really tired and when we turned a corner I thought I was hallucinating. Everywhere I looked there was a Labrador or a Retriever, I decided to follow the trail just in case and this is what I spotted…

medical detection dogs

This photograph does not do the situation any justice, I swear, beautiful yellow coats were all over the place. It turns out these dogs aren’t just pretty faces though, they are life savers! Heroes. Official name being; ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ and their charity was receiving an award so they all decided to grace the photo-op, isn’t that lovely?

We didn’t get much further along before I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, again.

MDH 1aI thought Myfie and Ellie had donned their disguises and followed us to Birmingham!
These two cuties, actually are from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home, though. After the tragic events in 2014 which I am sure you all remember so well MCDH were invited along to represent at Crufts. They decided it would be a great idea, so they could thank personally so many of us who donated. The gentleman I spoke to was lovely, and the emotion in his voice as he spoke revealed just how much, each and every bit of help had meant to them all. It was so lovely to see these beautiful, happy pups, having so much fun.

Manchester Dogs' Home 1a

Manchester Dogs' Home 2a

Well, and much-needed rest 😉

MDH 3aWhich is exactly what we needed too, more specifically our feet needed a rest!

We headed back to the Arena to watch some talented pooches using up their energy in a much more productive way then we could manage. I love watching the sporting events, agility and flyball both get your adrenaline pumping, and again, the dogs just seem to be having SO much fun! Unlike with the very serious :p Heelwork to Music competition, these pups get NO points deducted for shouting their heads off along the way… and so they do! And it’s great.

Agility 1a

Scruffts, sponsored by James Wellbeloved, is the nation’s favourite crossbreed competition. Scruffts was launched back in 2000 at the Discover Dogs Show and is now celebrated with the grand final at Crufts. We were lucky enough to see the finalists and hear their stories, all so beautiful and deserving, and then watch the winner take their trophy.

The lovely, Gracie in the Golden Oldie Category took this years Crossbreed of the Year title.


There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our day had just about come to a close, but on the way out we remembered a few things we had seen while we ‘weren’t shopping’ and thought we’d end the day on a high note; with presents to take back to Dinx, Myfie, Ellie and Millie our very own ‘Best(s) in Show’ no matter what any judge thinks. So there!

I realise this post is ridiculously long and full of links and pictures etc. but believe me, I cut SO much out! If you can stand to see any more I’ll be uploading the rest of the photos to our Facebook page where you can peruse at your leisure! Have any questions for us? Pop them in the comments, and let us know which event you would have made a bee-line for!

Thanks, as always, for reading,
Carrie and Pups x

What? you want a reward for reaching the end? Oh go on then… this will make you laugh. Here are some dogs, being dogs, ay Crufts:

Black & White Sunday: PawsomeBox in Review

We’ve got something a bit different to share this Back & White Sunday… Hurrah! The lovely folks at PawsomeBox asked if we would like to review one of their boxes, so of course we put all our paws up and said we would be delighted!

That was back in January, and I had completely forgotten about it to tell the truth, so it was a lovely surprise last week when the postman knocked on the door with a bright blue parcel in his hand. I was REALLY excited, it was my birthday this week so I naturally thought somebody had treated me! Alas, no, this parcel was most definitely not mine. Except it was really because I would always much rather things went to the dogs, I liken the feeling to how parents tell you they feel on Christmas morning when gifting their children presents. My mum always used to say ‘I love to see your little faces light up’ and while it might be sad, it’s also true that I feel this way when I give my motley crew a present or treat. In fact, I’d put money on me being more excited about it than they are. But anyway, I digress, on with the review…

group pawsomebox

I suppose I should give a little explanation, right? Pawsome Box is a subscription based home delivery service, for dogs. Every month, you receive a parcel full of goodies for your little furries (or big ones). You can tailor the box to suit your requirements, or rather your dogs’ requirements by filling out their profile when you sign up. There are a few different pricing plans available, but you can get your paws on one for as little as £15.90 per month, with the contents guaranteed to be worth more than this… up to £30 I believe. Simple, right? For more information though, give them a visit over here: https://pawsomebox.co.uk/

Well, once I discovered said box was for my trio I couldn’t wait to show them. And they just KNEW it was for them.  They were jumping up and clawing and their little tails looked as though they may wag off. So I set the box down to laugh at the fact they couldn’t watch them open it.

Ellie Myfie Pawsomebox opening
Look at them snouts and noses going to work… they’re having so much fun!

all in pawsomebox

Once I’d finished laughing at them they were done with the sniffing and exploring, I did just what Myfie’s face told me too… we opened it all up and investigated the contents.


Each of the boxes are themed, and this being the box for February it was all about Valentines Day. The box did come after the day itself, but I am sure any self-respecting dog owner will agree, love is not just for one day of the year! I was pleased and I know the pups were, with the theme of love for our very first box. Ellie paw notes

The boxes seem to have a good balance of treats, toys and hygiene related surprises. Ellie and I quickly nabbed the ‘Paw notes’ newsletter before Myfie got hold of it, thinking it was a toy. Shredding paper is oh-so-much-fun dontcha know? This little magazine style newsletter is a really nice touch, it lets you know what your box is all about, and has theme related articles and trivia. Ellie seemed to really enjoy reading it.

ellie reading pawsomebox

Okay, okay… well naturally Myfie was straight in there for the food.

myfie treats pawsomebox
Hey! Myf… hows about you let us see what you actually have there, yeah?

myfie show treats pawsomebox

Much better. So as you can now see, we got some rawhide and chicken ball thingies which apparently tasted delicious! I like to think they chose this treat in particular because they knew the box was coming to a household with more than one dog. That’s a nice touch! There’s also a lamb flavoured stick treat there so I am counting on the fact that he can’t count. I do recall seeing both of these things in the local pet store so know them to be of high quality… not that it would matter much to Myf.

millie earbuds pawsomebox

Millie didn’t seem too impressed when I handed her these safety buds for cleaning out her ears… which I find odd, since she tries to eat the human ones if she ever finds any lying around. It might have had something to do with the fact she had just been groomed, though. It is just the buds, you can buy the cleaning solution separately.

Millie heart treats pawsomebox
Anyway, she perked up a little when she saw these cute heart-shaped training treats. Phew.

ellie pawsomebox squeeker teddy

Ellie bypassed the treats and went straight for the toys, as she always does… particularly if they are furry and squeaky. The little blanket was both of those things. It looked to me like something you would maybe give a puppy? It was like a comfort blanket with a head. Ellie tried to suckle it, but couldn’t get the angle quite right so she and Millie played tug with it instead and it is now in the ‘hospital’ awaiting major surgery.

ellie pawsomebox heart
This thing though, this thing is still going strong. It a heart-shaped, hard rubber (latex is it?) squeaker toy and all three of the little tinkers LOVE this. Why? Because it’s LOUD! and really irritating fun! Oddly this also finds its way into the hospital for frequent visits, we’ve no idea how it gets there (ahem!) perhaps it’s missing its old friend blanket bear?

And that’s our loot!

Hmm. This is a tricky one. The thought of getting a little pick-me-up delivered in the post every month is so appealing. The pups were genuinely excited by it and knew it was for them. You could almost say it was worth the money for that feeling alone. It was a lot of fun watching their little faces as each item was pulled out of the box.
I don’t doubt the quality of the products in the box.  In fact I had a little squizz on Amazon to see if I could price some of the bits up online as I, personally hadn’t heard of some of the brands (which is part of the appeal, too). My research showed that actually, yes, you are making a saving if you were to buy these items individually. So it’s reassuring to know that you aren’t getting ‘ripped off’ in some way.

The downside though, (and I imagine this is true of every box subscription service, no matter the type) is that I probably wouldn’t have selected these items to actually purchase myself.
If I had just one dog, I can see it as something I would definitely consider. The amount of treats and product in there is about the level you would expect for the price I think, for them to get a good amount of enjoyment and time out of it until the next one arrives. For three dogs though, unless you had the money to buy them one each (which I DEFINITELY do not pups, so don’t even THINK about it), it probably isn’t something I would invest in.

Please do try it out for yourselves though, if you are interested. You don’t HAVE to sign up for the full year so if you want some box-shaped fun delivered to your door give PawsomeBox a try and let us know what YOU think.

DISCLAIMER: PawsomeBox did not pay us to review, nor did they influence us on what we should say.

THIS IS A BLOG HOP! Black and White Sunday is lovingly hosted by
Sugar and Nola … Thank You! ❤

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Crufts 2014: So Much Woof

On Saturday, 8th March I attended the biggest and best dog show in the world*. Crufts began it’s journey back in 1891, and that’s not a typo. All of those years of experience have shaped Crufts into what it is today, which is different to a lot of people’s perceptions of it and the Kennel Club itself. Crufts is modern, bright, and fun with a capital squeeee!

I’m not qualified to talk about breeding standards and issues, nor to pass much judgement either way. I have my opinions and concerns, I’ve watched the documentaries and read the articles, but on the back of that; I’ve seen change. I’ve seen change for the better, and I don’t think this is where it stops. Crufts gets bigger and bigger every single year, and with that; it’s arms stretch wider. It truly is a celebration of dogs, ALL dogs; pedigrees with exemplary lineage, rescues whose histories we’ll never know and good old mutts that are a mixture of (at least) those two things.

In fact most of the things that I went to see on Saturday (I’m getting to it, honest) included each of those examples. Pedigrees and mixed breeds both definitely qualify as being dogs. And if you are a dog then there are loads of events you can be part of at Crufts.

Arena crowd

When we arrived, we made our way straight to the Arena where all the large events happen. Saturdays, as you can imagine, are insanely busy so you need to save yourself a seat pretty early on if you want to catch the action.We made it just in time to see some large dog agility. I love watching agility. Seeing those happy, healthy pooches flying around, jumping about and in most cases yapping along in glee, makes my heart sing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a link to some of the best from the rescue agility trials, that I didn’t see, but wish I had:

We stayed on for the International Freestyle competition, that’s basically doggy dancing for those of you who are unsure. When I went to Crufts last year, for the first time, I was lucky enough to see this too and it stayed with me. So it was one of the things I was desperate to see this visit, and it didn’t disappoint.
I know, it sounds crazy, and when you watch it on the television; it looks pretty crazy sometimes, too. But there’s something about being there, watching it in that environment that takes your breath away. I’m among friends here, so I don’t mind saying, I teared up on a few occasions. Yes, really.
It’s not the beauty of the dancing. Bless them, these dogs can cut some serious shapes but I don’t think any of them pull off beauty and grace. It’s not even the emotional interpretation of sad music, which some do choose, but I can say with certainty that When I’m Cleaning Windows by George Formby or Poker Face from Lady Gaga have never, ever made me well up before! I think it’s because it really is all about the dog, in fact, that’s part of the judging criteria; that the dog remains the centre of attention at all times. Yet, through that you see an absolute bond between the handler and the pooch that (in my opinion) is more apparent than in any of the other activities. The dogs genuinely seem to love it, probably a bit more than their nervous handlers. Although, there was one dog; Denmark’s competitor, whose nerves got a bit too much for him on the day. He didn’t want to come out and dance, so you know what? They didn’t. I imagine it was sad and really disappointing for the handler, but the feeling around us was admiration. It was further proof, if needed, that these dogs are not forced into anything. She made absolutely the right call. Ms. Denmark, we salute you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Highlights of the winning routing from Richard Curtis and Syka for England:

The next activity on the agenda, was a rather solemn but awe-inspiring one. A demonstration from the RAF Display Team. They reenacted some situations that these brave dogs tackle in the field. An arena full of thousands of people didn’t faze these brave pups. And they were the only living things in the place that didn’t jump a mile every time a gun was fired. Just incredible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The final thing we saw in the Arena was the Flyball Teams semi-final. I’d never even heard of flyball before watching last years Crufts coverage, so if you have never seen it either, do look it up. The teams of dogs and their handlers are polar opposites to the show dogs, it’s quite amusing, They are a right rowdy bunch. The noise levels in the place skyrocketed on their arrival. All were dressed in bright team colours, some of the dogs were even sporting dyed fur leg warmers to match. The handlers shout, bellow and call the dogs and the pups shout right back. The crowd are encouraged to get noisy too, cheer on the dogs. It’s bedlam, basically, but it’s fast and so much fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photographs (especially rubbish ones because the dogs are traveling at the speed of light) do NOT do this event justice, clicky down here:

After that we reluctantly decided to leave the arena. You really have to pick your poison where Crufts is concerned, you literally can’t see EVERYTHING in one day. There just isn’t enough time. And since we were at Crufts, it would be extremely rude not to go and have some cuddles with some actual dogs! So we headed off to the Discover Dogs area in hall three. There are over 200 different breeds of dog on show in this place, all categorised by group i.e. Toy, Working, Pastoral etc. and then alphabetically. They are with their breeders/owners and you can go over and have a chat with them, but more importantly have loves from the dogs themselves and take loads of photos.

It’s worth mentioning if the idea of Discover Dogs doesn’t appeal, but you want to stroke some dogs; that there are plenty all around and at all times. Most of the owners are happy to stop and talk to you about their precious pooch and let you fall in love. Unless, they are being primped and preened. Then I would recommend admiring from afar. The dogs aren’t taken off somewhere out of sight to be prepared, they are right there in the stalls all throughout the venue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crufts is held at the National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C) in Birmingham. It is an enormous place, with the big arena where concerts take place and FIVE ‘halls’ aside from that. Discover Dogs, with its 200+ dogs in their own stalls with the owners, takes up a little under half of Hall 3. As mentioned there are stations throughout where you will find the owners with their competing dogs, but the rest of the space is cram packed full with stalls for SHOPPING!

This photo shows just one section of Hall 5 with its stalls, I think it’s fair to say that if there is anything remotely related to dogs or owning dogs; you can buy it at Crufts. Finding where the stall is though is another matter entirely and getting to where you want to go through the crowds, is a definite challenge at peak times. Though, these photos were taken right at the end of the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, we didn’t leave much time for shopping. We left it till last to make sure that we got the bits we really wanted to see in, and as we were milling around the stalls were closing around us. But I did manage to pick up some lovely treats for Myfie, Ellie and Millie as an apology for leaving them all day. I was also inspired to keep trudging on with my own plans, in the hope that one day I can take my little business to Crufts as a stallholder myself. Preferably taking people along so I can skip out here and there to see everything that the four-day, annual spectacular offers.

*Crufts calls itself the ‘Biggest Dog Show in the World’… yours might be just as good, though. Take it up with them, I say!



Black and White Sunday: Scruffy Chops

We are always on the look out for lovely grooming products to try here. We’ve had all sorts over the years and none just really seem to cut it. When the pups have been groomed by the groomer they  smell delicious for at least a week afterward, but of course our lovely groomer will not disclose her secret as to which product she uses. And believe me, I’ve tried bribery and corruption to force it out of her.

Anyway, whilst searching I came across a brand that I hadn’t heard of before. being an ex graphic designer and marketing type bod I am shamelessly drawn to some pretty packaging and this did not disappoint. Don’t worry I am not entirely naive though, I do check out the credentials before moving away from just admiring.
This stuff sounded perfect! Cruelty Free for a start! But all made from natural, organic ingredients. Dead Sea Minerals mostly, I won’t go on because by now you just want to get to the pictures I expect. You can read all about it here though should you want to http://www.scruffychops.com/gb/index.php/dead-sea-mineral-dog-shampoo/

scruffy chops prodyct

There are three scents and a conditioner, so naturally I had to try one on each! We started with Ellie. Here she is before:


Ellie, has quite coarse and curly hair that gets knotty quite a lot. She also HATES baths with all her might and has sharp claws, so much fun!

photo 4(2)

Look at that face! We used ‘Rhubarking Mad’ (cute names!) on Ellie, for obvious reasons! It has a lovely smell, I bet you can’t guess what it is, can you?
Because she has such thick hair it can be quite difficult to make sure you have it all covered, and then even harder to make sure you have got it out again. This stuff though, rinsed away really easily, which is really important with the Westie’s. They are prone to skin complaints and while I am lucky enough that my two don’t suffer any; you can never be too careful!

ellie after 1

Here she is all blow-dried. I think the conditioner on top did most of the hard work here, she is a serious fluff ball! Scruffy Chops kindly included some bow ties for us to finish off our looks with. My girls obviously had to find alternative ways to wear them.

ellie after 2

Myfie was supposed to be next in line, but…err… we couldn’t catch him…

So Millie took his place, she’s not scared of the bathroom at all and was quite happy to walk straight in! So used to being fussed with, this girl!

Millie before

Now, Millie’s coat, being a Shih Tzu is hair rather than fur. This meant that it was so much easier to get a nice lather up and ensure she was all covered.

Soggy Millie 1

We used ‘Best in Show’ on Millie, because she is a pretty glam pup. She most definitely sees herself up there with the show dogs. This shampoo had a lovely citrus infused, zesty scent which suits Millie down to the ground.

Millie after 3

The conditioner felt really lovely on Millie too! And it was Millie that we most wanted the conditioner for so I was really pleased. It’s made with Shea Butter so has a lovely smell all of its own. Though I will admit it seemed a shame to mask the lovely scent of the shampoos. Anyway, I was pleased with the ultra-fluffy results.

Millie after 2

Last but not least, we finally got Myfie into the bathroom… yes we had to carry him!

Myfie before

He almost ‘almost’ looks pleased about it doesn’t he? I think he had enjoyed having us chasing around after him too much!
Now, as you can see, Myfie is ALWAYS the dirtiest of the three. We have no idea how he manages to look brown and yellow, rather than white most of the time! So any shampoo that we use on Myfie has its work cut out indeed.

soggy myfie 2

Myfie would only let me get pictures at towel-off time. He HATES baths too, but absolutely loves being towel dried. So much so that you can’t really do any washing up, or anything that involves using a towel around him; because he WILL try and get his head under the thing.
We used ‘Sugar Doggy’ on Myfie, because it seemed the most masculine. Even though it smells of caramel, so was sweet, it still seemed suitable for a boy… and hey, the packaging is brown. Definitely for boy dogs.
Despite being the dirtiest, Myfie’s coat is much smoother than Ellie’s. He isn’t coarse at all and doesn’t really curl so he is much easier to cover in suds. When Myfie is wet, he always looks really yellow. You kind of wish you hadn’t started as he looked cleaner before you did.

Myfie after 1

But as you can see, he dries off really well. In fact, the yellow tints you can see here are from the artificial light I took the photos in. Listen, bathing three reluctant pups takes time!

Myfie after 2

Such a handsome boy in his bow tie!

Overall, we were really pleased with the shampoos and conditioner. All dogs were definitely clean and the conditioner seemed to make them really fluffy. The products smelled lovely, all of them. In fact the pups spent the next few days sniffing each others backs, so I think they were pleased. If I had any criticisms it would be that the aroma didn’t last as long as I would have hoped, but I do wonder if we didn’t end up diluting the individual scents by conditioning them after.  No matter, the softness was worth it. Particularly with Millie, as you can imagine, her daily grooming routine takes some time. The time was considerably reduced though because of how sleek the products left her, well worth it!

It held up too, shortly after these pictures were taken the pups went outside to do their ‘business’ and, as some of you know, the weather here has been kind of blustery! Hence, the gate had blown open. All three pups happily trotted themselves off down the swamp of a garden for a little roll about. When we discovered them, they were NOT in my good books and it looked like all my hard work had been for nothing. However, once they had all dried off, I am pleased to report they brushed up perfectly again.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post and I am receiving no payment for it. All views are my own, the company in question did not provide me with products in exchange for a review.

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