Pawed Prints – A Sneaky Peek!

I’ve been naughty again and not posted for over a week! But I have a good excuse reason, I’ve been busying myself with getting my first attempt at some prints out there for sale! There are just two tiny sets to start with, but if they go well then I will be doing some more. My main focus, in the new year, will be my gorgeous collars, leads and accessories but since graphic design was (until recently) my day job; I thought I would try to combine two of my loves into one and see what everybody else thought!

My little shedquarters is coming along nicely, but I am not in the position to be able to get in there ‘making’ right now. The weather has slowed things up considerably, what with it being December and all, who’d have thunk it? … but the prints I can do from the comfort of my teeny tiny indoor office, which is warm and easily accessible for my three hairy cheerleaders to pay me visits.
The prints are digital typographic offerings and feature some of my personal favourite dog quotes on gorgeous thick silk paper. They are available to buy from Etsy currently, but I will be looking into some other avenues too. I haven’t promoted them as of yet, so this is really their first public outing. I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed designing them.

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This is the Etsy link if you would like to take a closer look:

If you have any favourite quotes or sayings about your favourite pawed animal, I would love to hear them. Maybe I could even work them into some artwork too!