2014 in review

Oh lookie here!! Not a smidgen as impressive as some of the others we have seen, but we were grateful to find this hidden (by another 234, 556,325 emails) in our inbox! We have had such a great year blogging and you’ll know from previous posts that we really count 2014 as being our first year! We’ve made so many beautiful new friends and are grateful for each and every one of ya!! Here’s to more fun in 2015!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,500 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Huge Woofs,
Carrie, Myfie, Ellie and Millie x

Squeee an Award: One Lovely Blog

So erm… a while back now (so far back I got repetitive strain injury looking for it) the lovely, lovely Bacon shared the ‘One Lovely Blog” award with us. We definitely (notice how I say ‘we’ when I want to share some of the blame/shame/other?) get far more excited than we probably should do when getting awards, but we love them so! even if we do take MUCH longer than we should to actually write about it. So this brightened our month… huge thanks to our lovable piggy friend.

Here is the award in all its finery, TA-DAAAAH:


And here are the rules that come with it:

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. – ^ Done up there!! ^
2. You must list the rules and display the award. – Here they be!
3. You must add 7 facts about yourself. – Coming next 🙂
4. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated. – and they’ll be after the facts ❤
5. You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you. Unlike the Liebster Award which is aimed at newbie bloggers, this award has no restriction as to who you can nominate! – HUZZAH! We were already following Bacon, of course!

7 facts about us!

OK, so I apologise in advance if you know of these already! We may well have posted about some before, I would appreciate you pretending that we hadn’t though 😉

1/ I have to tell the pups I am ‘going to the shops’ whenever I go somewhere without them, or they try to come with me. However, if I don’t come back with any bags I am automatically in trouble.

2/Whenever one of goes out, Myfie will fetch that persons shoe/slipper to another one of us… we have no idea why, but he seems to think it’s funny.

3/ Myfie also loves to be stroked with your feet… He’ll back up to you so you can rub them on his rump! I think we have a little foot fetishist on our hands.

4/ Ellie is the sweetest and most timid, but she is also the LOUDEST. She sometimes barks so loud that she chokes herself!

5/ One of Ellie’s favourite things in the world is to play with balloons (with me, of course). She cannot get enough of them, and what makes it more special is that whenever the other two see them they scarper. This means she gets one-on-one fun time too… bliss!

6/ All the pups do very well at ‘talking’ to me but I have been trying to get Millie to do this since I saw it

… she refuses, but I know she could if she wanted to. She makes all the right noises just not in the right order!

7/ When Millie was a baby I was concerned she would never be able to wag her tail. It just never moved and I thought maybe it was curled too tightly or something. Turns out she just has an odd sense of humour and now her tail wags furiously… particularly if she or the others are in trouble!

Our 15 nominations…

Oookay so we all know this gets more and more difficult each time an award comes around because A) You want to give it to everybody B) You run out of creative ways to go around it C) You never know who already has it! The list goes on BUT… this time we have decided to award it to the last 15 blogs who did us the huge honor of following us! As a big ‘thank you’ and ‘hello’ to those who we haven’t got round to yet ❤ Here goes:

Ruby’s Rambles

Raising Daisy

Saga Snaps

Cynthia is Drawing

Cotton the Maltese


Chase the Sheltie

Scooch Your Pooch

My Dog Likes

Star Paws


Angels Whisper

Rama’s Mama

Katzen World

Dachsies with Moxie Mama

I hope by now it goes without saying, if you read our blog and we read you, then chances are you have ‘One Lovely Blog’ and you should take it and display it proudly with our love!!

Hugs, Carrie & the Pups x



Awards: Ooh Shiny!


On Monday (23rd June) We were lucky enough to be graced with ANOTHER lovely award! This was the ‘Shine On’ award and was given to us by the lovely Roy! of ‘Following Roy’

We are so honoured to receive this, particularly because we haven’t known Roy for very long and meeting like-minded people is one of the very best things about blogging, right? YAY!

This award comes with rules, which is good because it reminds me what I am supposed to be doing!

Here are the rules of the award:

1.) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. DONE – Thank you again to gorgeous Roy!
2.) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back. DONE 🙂
3.) Share seven random things about yourself- HERE they are!

1/ I’ve always loved animals but when I was younger I was frightened of ‘real life’ dogs, so my first pet was a cat called Fluffy (imaginative I know, but give a girl a break I was only a nipper). Fluffy got stolen by a man in a car from outside my home while playing with her!

2/ My second pet was a mouse called, Jerry (again…). I bought him with my pocket money and kept him in my bottom drawer. I didn’t know mum had a phobia of mice and when she eventually did find out, she gave him away one day when I was at school.

3/ I’ve always wanted to work with animals in some way. But I am far too squeamish to ever  have seriously  considered veterinary care, or similar. Boo 😦

4/ I once started a Canine Massage course and the name ‘Pawed’ was developed when thinking of something to call myself once I went freelance… Because I would have ‘pawed’ all the animals with ‘paws’ (yeah, I struggle with this name thing, don’t I?)

5/ I had to give up the course because I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and could no longer continue. I kept the name though!

6/ This blog is actually two years old (WordPress told me the other day) but I only ever wrote a couple of posts in the beginning and didn’t come back until the later months of last year… So I am going to be like the Queen and make my ‘blogiversary’ on the day I actually think it should be on!

7/ Some of you lovely folk have been around since my very first post in 2012, but I am grateful for each and every single one of you. I’m an introvert by nature and you guys help to give me confidence to put stuff ‘out there’ ❤

4.) Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their
blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

As a thank you, because of ‘fact 7’ I would like to offer this award to each and every single one of you! I know that may seem like a cop-out but I follow close to 100 of you lovely anipals so naming you ALL would probably see me not actually making another blog post for a few weeks. But please do take the award with our heart (and tail) felt love and appreciation! We mean it!

YAY: we got a Liebster Award


We’re so lucky AGAIN! Our lovely, handsome and popular friend, Bacon shared this award with us on Tuesday (17/6/14) and we are so very grateful. Awards make us as happy as a dog with two tails and sharing them makes us even happier (apart from the choosing bit because everybody is deserving, if they weren’t we wouldn’t be reading would we?).

The Liebster Award is fun because it allows you to get to know things about your blogger friends you otherwise may not have! But even fun things need rules, and here they are:

1/ Thank the person who nominated you and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
Check! Thank you darling, Bacon 🙂

2/ Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.
See below – We are SO on it!

3/ Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.
See below – Pssht. But please take if you want and you DON’T see you name there!

4/ Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
See below – We got our thinking caps on for this one!

10 Questions from Bacon 🙂

1/ When you get really tired, how can you parents tell?
Err, well all three of my little monsters just flop… they go from full steam ahead to full stop. Sleep, wherever you are!

2/ What is your favorite food in the entire world?
Just one?… Really? We’ll compromise and say one for each pup. So in no order of preference, and I am sure they would love to try all three together: Dentastix, Cheese and Carrots!

3/ What is your favorite television show to watch?
Myfie is an avid viewer of nature documentaries, really! it’s one of his favourite things to snuggle up and sit next to you for an hours worth of programming on his fellow anipals.
Ellie likes television for different reasons, at regular points throughout the day somebody can be heard saying ‘Ellie, on the tele’ and wherever she is she’ll come running to bark at whatever animal she see’s there.
Millie, pays absolutely no attention to the television. I expect she thinks it beneath her!

4/ Do you have chores around the house?
*sigh* NO!… But I for one wish that they did have. Like picking up their own toys and putting them away and closing doors behind them! Those two simple things would do for a start!

5/ Do you like to ride in the car?
Yes! They all do (even Millie now) because they know adventure waits at the end of the trip, and on the way home a comfy, breezy nap!

6/ Do you have siblings?
Yes! They have each other!.. but they also have quite a few human siblings, five brothers and three sisters, some of which they have never met!

7/ Do you like cartoons?
Ellie doesn’t discriminate illustrated animal or real one, she’s gonna bark at it if it’s on the TV! Those ‘Felix’ cat food adverts give us a headache for that reason… Myfie and Millie? not so much.

8/ Have you ever spent the night at someone else’s house?
I once did a Canine Massage course in Devon and Ellie came with me, we stayed in a dog friendly hotel. But that is the one and only time any of them ever have!

9/ Do you like to read or be read to?
Haha… I love this question because it means I am not alone 🙂 YES they all like to keep up with current events and like being shown You Tube videos too!

10/ Do you have a pet?
Oh yes! They all have a few but I think you have met Myfie and Ellie’s favourties already: Wino the Rhino and Woof the Dog? Millie have a Snake that she loves, unimaginatively called Ssssssnake!

Thanks, Bacon that was lots of fun! ❤

Our Nominations

If I could I would list you all, so like I said up there if you don’t have this and you would like it please take the award… I want to hear the answer to everybody’s questions.
Because this is so hard, I have decided to cheat a little bit and select the first 10 bloggers that commented on our last blog post… If you don’t accept awards that’s fine too though, so here goes:

Barking from the Bayou

Will & Eko

Whitley Westie

Life with Cats and Dogs

Dakota’s Den

Marty the Manx

Not Afraid of Colour

Animal Couriers

Sheltie Times


Below are the questions that the pups and I worked out we would most like to know about you all… If anybody else wants to answer too, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

10 Questions from us to you 🙂

1/ What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
2/ Have you ever done anything heroic, and what was it?3/ Who do you look up to?
4/ If you could be a different animal what would it be and why?
5/ What’s the most annoying thing your human does that you wish they didn’t?
6/ Have you got a favourite toy?
7/ Do you like your name? Does it suit you?
8/ What do you do that always gets your parents laughing?
9/ Do you like dressing up and wearing clothes?
10/ Who lets you get away with more… Mummy/Daddy/Other?

YAY! We can’t wait to hear from you all 🙂



Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award

On Sunday we were presented with an award from Nylablue and her lovely mum, Sherri-Ellen. It’s a brand new award and we were so excited to receive it from our newest friends here in the blogosphere! Thank you so much for thinking of us, all this awards business is very new to us and it was such a lovely surprise!


Ooooh Look how pretty it is!

The award is brand-spanking new and created by Nerissa. It is called the ‘Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award’ and is all about celebrating the welcome of 100,000 blog visitors (woah can you IMAGINE?). CONGRATULATIONS Nerissa!

There are a couple of rules for accepting this awards and they are:
– Firstly, post the award on your blog and thank the blogger who gave it to you.
– Secondly, visit at least three of the blogs that are receiving the award along with you and leave a
– Thirdly, tell us all three things you have to celebrate.  You know, three things for which you are
– Lastly, pass along the award to seven other bloggers and let them know you have done so.
(Source: Nerissa)

So, here are OUR three things to be thankful for:

1/ Myfie, Ellie and Millie… of course! I could have cheated and listed each pup separately but that wouldn’t have been properly in the spirit of things would it? I like to think the pups are each thankful for each other too.

2/ The Internets – Without it we wouldn’t be here! We couldn’t have met all the lovely people that we know through the blog, and before that; Instagram, Twitter and various other social networking sites. We have met some truly wonderful friends over the last couple of years, that in ‘real life’ we would have never had the opportunity to connect with. That’s a pretty humbling thought because many of the good friends we have now live all over the world and we have never seen more than a photo!

3/ Sunshine – because it means that the grass in the yard isn’t soaking wet and the pups can get in there to race and play to their hearts content. My little shedquarters is down there too, so I am very happy to have company while I work.

I am now going to pass on the award to SEVEN bloggers we feel extra lucky for knowing. I could quite honestly just list everybody because we feel lucky to know you ALL. So for anybody that doesn’t get mentioned please take the award with our love!
To whittle this one down, we decided that we would highlight those blogs that WordPress reckons we have had the most interaction with recently, and since this post seems to centre around being grateful for communicating and getting to know folk it kinda fits! So without further ado our nominations aaarrrreeeee:

1/ Misakithemisadventuresofmisaki.wordpress.com

2/ Fozziemumdinz1234.wordpress.com

3/ M.K Clintonhttp://www.mkclinton.com/

4/ Whitleyhttp://whitleywestie.blogspot.co.uk/

5/ Will and Eko – http://www.petcentric.com/authors/will-eko

6/ Easy Boy – easyweimaraner.wordpress.com

7/ Sand Spring Chesapeakes – sandspringchesapeakes.wordpress.com

Please accept this award as a mark of our thanks for your support and friendship. I think there is only one extra rule I would have added and that is please give your dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, hamsters etc. a little treat on our behalf. The pups inform me this goes a lot further with them!



Lucky Little Blogger

This blog still feels so new to me, there are a couple of posts from back in 2012 when I had absolutely no idea what was going on was having a little play about. But really it’s only been the last few months that I started to feel settled and not panic as much about what I was posting. I didn’t imagine that anybody would actually read the gibberish I was spouting. So every comment, like or follow we receive is special to us. What’s more special though, are the friendships we have began to form with so many of you. We love reading about your adventures as much as we enjoy sharing our own.

So imagine our joy when in the past couple of weeks we have been given, not one, but TWO awards from our new friends. No, you can’t imagine, and that’s wise as it would probably burst your eardrums!

The lovely Melissa over at Barking from the Bayou was the very first person I connected with over on BlogPaws. We bonded over dressed-up Westies and last week she presented me with this:

Blog Award of Excellence

We were so happy I can’t tell you, Melissa also passed it on to lots of other lucky bloggers. This was great as it meant I could go visit them too, and make even more friends. Thank you Melissa!

Anyway, it doesn’t look like there are any rules attached to this award but we wanted to share it too, with some of our favorites. We decided to go for those we find particularly ‘excellent’ and always entertaining. It was here that I realised where the difficulty lies… I love ALL THE BLOGS. So, we’ve narrowed it down to a very short list. If you already have the award, please accept my apologies but I have seen some blogs were more than one of the same kind has been awarded and well, it’s a pretty lovely, shiny, gold number. It’s surely not a bad thing to have more than one? 😉

In no particular order, these are the blogs that make our tails wag furiously (yes, even my imaginary one) and who we would like to share this award with:
1/ Misaki – We adore the lovely Misaki; Myfie, Ellie and Millie reckon that if we lived closer she would be definitely be their sister-from-another-mister.
2/ Wiley – Wiley is so wise and lovely. His outlook is so positive you can’t help but smile.
3/ Oh My Shih Tzu – From one crazy Shih Tzu lady, to another
4/ Clowie – Clowie is one of our oldest friend around here, we love reading about her adventures, and serious issues too.
5/ Scottie Mom – Heather, Mr. K and friends are beautiful and Scottie Mom never fails to make us laugh.

Our lovely friend, Misaki awarded this to us and other UK bloggers that are in much need of some sunshine! Great idea, since we often find ourselves lacking in that department, even in the summer.


Because of this we Brits tend to get creative in how we find it. We would like to pass this award on to blogs that make our outlook sunny, whatever the weather:
1/ Barking from the Bayou – Melissa loves to write, and we love to read! Perfect for spreading happy!
2/ Animal Couriers – I think these guys might just have the best job in the world. They spread happiness and there’s more cute than you can shake a stick at.
3/ The Sundog Drift – Jo takes amazing photos and I often accuse her and her gorgeous furry friends of killing me with the. But it’s a lovely thing.
4/ We Live in a Flat – Another fabby blog about two of my favourite things; dogs and photos!
5/ Golden Woofs – Sugar the Golden Retriever’s blog never fails to make us smile. So much fun there!

All of these blogs are much bigger than our tiny little corner. However, if there are some you haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, please do. You won’t be disappointed.

Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x