Black & White Sunday: Pup Takeover

Myfie: Hey guys 😀 It’s Myfie here
Ellie: And Me!
Millie: And most impawtantly, me!… do you see what I did there?

Myfie: Yeah hilarious, but I am in charge today! My idea and I’m the boss. So there, shush! Where was I?
Ellie: You were trying to sound clever.
Millie: He IS clever, Ellie. The cleverest… I ❤ you, Myfie.
Ellie: *Yawn* Can you just get on with it if you’re gonna do this please?

Myfie: Yeah so… Hi! Mum hasn’t posted for a long time
Millie: And we were worried our fans missed us!
Myfie: Ahem… No, we missed YOU guys in blogville and we wondered what you were all up to? Mum is being reeaaallly lazy just lately, and sulking loads
Ellie: MYFIE!! That’s so mean, you can’t say that!
Myfie: Well that’s what it’s looked like to me!

Ellie: Mum has been poorly, and she’s worried she’s let everybody down and she’s been a bit sad recently.
Millie: Tell them how ace we are though. We’ve been looking after her and everything for ZERO PUBLICITY.
Ellie: That’s our job, Millie! Our job is to love, that’s all.
Myfie: So what about the work in the Shed!?
Ellie: That’s… we do that because it’s fun! And if mum sells loads of collars, she’ll buy us many Dentastix (other brands are available 😉 )
Millie: I need to speak to my agent!

Myfie: Right so anyway, since mum has been ‘poorly’ and what not, we thought we’d just take to our paws and do this thing ourselves. And to be perfectly honest, we’ll do a much better job. We know how this thing works by now!
Millie: You’re so right, I ❤ you, Myfie. You’re the only thing I love more than myself.

Millie: Here’s my selfie…
Myfie & Ellie: NOT YET!!!

millie blogger

Millie: Why not?? Too many words without a picture of me! mum wouldn’t do it like this!
Myfie: Well it should have been ME first, I’m the writer!!
Ellie: Don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all but you should have put it at the top. I thought you said this was easy and you could do better?
Myfie: Know-it-all!

Myfie: Here I am, some sort of annoying stain next to me though. :p

Myfie Ellie Bloggers

Ellie: HEY! I wasn’t ready.
Myfie: Hehehehe. Can we have a treat now? This is done, right?
Ellie: Who’s gonna do THAT? Mum doesn’t even know we are doing this!
Myfie: I didn’t think of that 😦 … what was the POINT!? I’m outta here!
Millie: At least people got to see my our pretty face faces!

Myfie: Come on! Let’s go make big eyes at mum so we get treats anyway!
Millie: You’re a genius, Myfie. I ❤ you!

*Myfie and Millie, gone like a herd of elephants*

Ellie: OI! WE AREN’T DONE!! What about the editing and the posting and stuff??

Myfie: *from afar* Pah ha! You snooze, you lose!! Make sure my name is BIG!!

Ellie: *grumble, grumble*

THIS IS A BLOG HOP! Black and White Sunday is lovingly hosted by Sugar and Nola … Thank You! ❤

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24 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Pup Takeover

  1. Sorry Mum has been feeling poorly! Great team effort at filling in for a guest blog paw post. Love reading the writing in their personalities. The bit about Millie posting her selfie “too soon” made me LOL for real. Great b&w pawtraits of the pups. Glad they’re pitching in and helping out. Charley and I send lots of hugs and high fives. Please let us know what we can do to pitch in and and help, too!

    • Thanks so much, Bill & Charley! Your comments always make us smile, and we always appreciate it! Sorry I’ve been a little AWOL here and there recently. The pups are all doing their best to make sure I nip that in the bud ASAP though. So pleased we made you laugh :D… pretty sure only part of that side of Millie’s personality is made up. I imagine Charley as quite the gentleman, unlike Myf 😉
      Hugs, Carrie and Pups x

  2. I could eat you up on buttered bread you are so sweet 🙂 tell mum we ALL have those times..i always am awol from health and it does make your spirit lag a bit…but we have NOT been let down and are happy to just see you when you are there …so stop stressing and chillax come closer so o can smooch those faces!! loves Fozziemum xxx

    • Uh oh… if you get half of this message somewhere else, we apologise! It went AWOL!! But it said something like:
      Thank you, our lovely friend, Bev. We would come for kisses and cuddles from you all day long if we could! It’s what we all love second only to treats, and maybe walks.
      We gave your message to mum and she says to thank you so much for your lovely words, she appreciates it very much and says something about the mind being extra cruel to you when you’re already a little down… she reckoned you would get that, which is a good thing because we don’t have a clue!! BOL
      All our love and licks,
      The pups (and Mum) x

      • I know exactly what mum means ! when my health is really head decides to join in..stupid thing…problem is you get tired from being unwell and then your head palys games..honestly;s enough to make you want to hide under the bed with a bone 🙂 many loves to you all and especially to mum xxxxx

      • YES! Mum says that’s exactly it, and she got all teary about people understanding and…. something… but we have lost focus because you said bed and bone in the same sentence… that sounds as good as Christmas. WAIT! Do you think that’s what mum is doing? she’s got bones somewhere?? :O Thanks for the heads up, Fozziemum… we’re gonna investigate!!
        Love and Licks x

    • Hey Easy! Thanks so much, fella! We gave mum your hug and she was so grateful, and told us to send you her love right back! We told her you’d probably prefer treats, but she said that’s not what the little holes on this thing is for! Urgh. Humans should make things that are useful!
      So, anyway what we did was we ate a treat each what we thought you would like, as a thank you! You’re welcome 🙂
      Thanks for the loves, we will make sure mum pops on by to catch up properly very soon!!
      Hugs, and licks and stuff,
      The Pups x

    • Dear, Marty, Mom and Gang… thank you for your message, we have missed you so much… even though Marty is a cat!! BOL! Mum wants us to pass on loads of licks from her and hugs from us, she’s getting on top of things, she says! Not sure we’ve seen much evidence of that though 😉
      All the loves, from us and Mum x

  3. Mew mew mew me an LadyMum are laffin out loud! What a fun an zany post!!
    Yur ALL gorgeuss doggiess an wee iss sorry yur Mumma been unwell. Mee send sum POTP to her ok? Pleese do not feel guiltee Lady Carrie…
    Mee LadyMum has had trubble stayin cott up with bloggiess here due to her Furibro an Hypurrostosis…
    Wee LUVSS youss to thee Moon an back!!
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum XXXX

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