Awards: Ooh Shiny!


On Monday (23rd June) We were lucky enough to be graced with ANOTHER lovely award! This was the ‘Shine On’ award and was given to us by the lovely Roy! of ‘Following Roy’

We are so honoured to receive this, particularly because we haven’t known Roy for very long and meeting like-minded people is one of the very best things about blogging, right? YAY!

This award comes with rules, which is good because it reminds me what I am supposed to be doing!

Here are the rules of the award:

1.) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. DONE – Thank you again to gorgeous Roy!
2.) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back. DONE 🙂
3.) Share seven random things about yourself- HERE they are!

1/ I’ve always loved animals but when I was younger I was frightened of ‘real life’ dogs, so my first pet was a cat called Fluffy (imaginative I know, but give a girl a break I was only a nipper). Fluffy got stolen by a man in a car from outside my home while playing with her!

2/ My second pet was a mouse called, Jerry (again…). I bought him with my pocket money and kept him in my bottom drawer. I didn’t know mum had a phobia of mice and when she eventually did find out, she gave him away one day when I was at school.

3/ I’ve always wanted to work with animals in some way. But I am far too squeamish to ever  have seriously  considered veterinary care, or similar. Boo 😦

4/ I once started a Canine Massage course and the name ‘Pawed’ was developed when thinking of something to call myself once I went freelance… Because I would have ‘pawed’ all the animals with ‘paws’ (yeah, I struggle with this name thing, don’t I?)

5/ I had to give up the course because I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and could no longer continue. I kept the name though!

6/ This blog is actually two years old (WordPress told me the other day) but I only ever wrote a couple of posts in the beginning and didn’t come back until the later months of last year… So I am going to be like the Queen and make my ‘blogiversary’ on the day I actually think it should be on!

7/ Some of you lovely folk have been around since my very first post in 2012, but I am grateful for each and every single one of you. I’m an introvert by nature and you guys help to give me confidence to put stuff ‘out there’ ❤

4.) Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their
blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

As a thank you, because of ‘fact 7’ I would like to offer this award to each and every single one of you! I know that may seem like a cop-out but I follow close to 100 of you lovely anipals so naming you ALL would probably see me not actually making another blog post for a few weeks. But please do take the award with our heart (and tail) felt love and appreciation! We mean it!


24 thoughts on “Awards: Ooh Shiny!

    • Thanks so much, Dogdaz!… it is quite overwhelming but in the best way imaginable!
      Ah yay! Another mouse-lover… such misunderstood little souls!
      Hugs, Carrie and pups! x

  1. Congrats on the lovely award. I got the same one from Roy and love it and copped out too on the nominating, I just don’t have time right now with all the dog trailing I am doing. Take care and loved getting to know you.?

    • Aww it’s a lovely award! Congrats to you too… nominating people is tough isn’t it? there are just so many folks you want to thank, narrowing them down can be a nightmare! Thanks so much, lovely!
      Hugs, Carrie and pups! x

  2. Happy second blogoversary! My mom had a mouse too, called Scooter .. and it was an “illegal immigrant” like yours, because of her mommas “mice-o-phobia”…and as her momma discovered the man-eating monster she spent the day on top of the table…. but at last Scooter could stay in their crib but only in the solarium…

    • Hahaha aww Easy, I feel for your mummy… how do you like mice? They are such, sweet misunderstood creatures! Jerry did go to live with a lot of other mice at a friends house but, psssht I didn’t forgive easily let me tell you!
      Hugs, Carrie and pups! x

    • Aww thank you, my lovely friends… we are so happy we have you too! Do you have the award? Makes sure you take it with our love if not!
      Hugs, Carrie and pups! x

  3. Concats on your award! You guys are great and we love your posts! Love your randoms for sure. Our mom was petrified of mice too but my older brother insisted on having mice and then 3 white rats in a row all named Charlie (so I know about unoriginal names). So very glad you decided to return to blogging since we love your blog so much!
    Marty and Mom

    • Aww thank you so much, I truly appreciate your gorgeous words 🙂 I’m so very happy to be part of something with wonderful bloggers like you!
      Oooh rats!… dammit, I should have threatened her with those instead shouldn’t I? I bet she’s much more scared of those, though I hear they are very misunderstood too and are lovely creatures to have a pets! And, hey, Charlie is a good name, why not stick with it? 😀
      Hugs, Carrie and pups x

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