Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Seven

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I won’t tell mum, but I am really starting to enjoy the car trips now. In fact, every time we pass the car, even to go on normal walks; I try to get in it. So today was great because when I tried, mum opened the door and let me jump in (which I can do all by myself now, not sure I mentioned). I was so excited. I like that as soon as she opens the windows I can climb up on the door ledge and smell all the interesting new things around us. It is also useful for seeing,

photo 1

I’ve even learned how to ignore mum’s awful howling now. I think she calls it ‘singing’ but she sounds just like Ellie when she’s moaning. Anyway, after a while riding in the car, we stopped and I had a sneaking suspicion I had seen THIS place before. ‘OH NOOOO’ we haven’t been here for ages, I thought we didn’t have to come anymore.

photo 2

Well anyway, once we got into the big room, there was nobody there again. We were the first and I really didn’t mind that at all. It was ages until anybody else turned up, but guess who it was? Ella and her mum! They came straight over to us, and mum didn’t seem to even mind. She stoked her, but Ella wanted to play with me. I backed away, but she thought I was playing! and she batted me with her great big paw! Right in the middle of my back! I squealed and I know I frightened mum, but honestly her paw is as big as my HEAD and it was really scary. Mum felt awful for not concentrating… and so she should, my life was in DANGER and she thought a cuddle would make it all ok? Well, NO!

Alright, I wasn’t really hurt, it was just the shock. I wanted to make Ella feel bad really, but that didn’t work and from then on for the whole of class she kept pulling on her lead towards ME. I milked this situation for all it was worth of course. Mum knew how upset I was so I knew she wouldn’t try to make me do much I didn’t want to today.

After that only two more families turned up! I don’t know where everybody else had got to, but I wish we had gone there instead, too. There are usually over double the amount of us. Still at least it was nicer and much quieter. For the first part of the evening, the mums, dads and The Lady That Talks A Lot all just sat around and talked a lot. It was all really boring but I used this time to try and sneak under the chair where I feel most comfortable. I was busted.

photo 9

We did some more walking-to-heel in a big circle, the room seemed much bigger since there were so few of us. I did keep up though because Ella was behind me and she kept speeding up to get to me. After that we did some more ‘Stay’ work, I didn’t do very well today because I was so traumatised, but mum wasn’t mad. The Lady That Talks A Lot even said I was being brave, because when mum crossed the room I followed her; walking (well, crawling on my belly, really) between Ella and Suzie to do so. But there was no way I was letting her out of my sight after I had been so viciously attacked.
The others did some ‘food refusal’ work but we just watched that … you know the reason why by now, right? The really stinky treats that mum brought with her tonight didn’t fool me.

I think the The Lady That Talks A Lot went a bit mad and forgot what we were doing, because after that she had us doing all of the walking-to-heel stuff again. I played ball last time, so this time I just flat-out refused and when mum started walking I laid down with my back to her. Did I care that all the mums and dads laughed at me?

photo 8

To stop it from being as boring, The Lady That Talks A Lot thought we might like to play a little game to help us with our heel work. She went to her cupboard, where I know she keeps all of the toys and collars and leads, and pulled out these tiny little cone things. Ella really wanted to chew on them but she wasn’t allowed. In fact, we weren’t allowed to touch them at all and this was the whole point. The Lady That Talks a Lot, put them right across the centre of the room and we had to weave through them. With all the weaving and changing directions, it was much too hard to let mum pull me along the floor so I had to stand up and do it properly.
The Lady That Talks A Lot then took away a lot of them and left us with just three. We had to go around them all in a big circle, then around the one in the middle and lastly the ones right at the end in a tiny circle. This wasn’t too hard since I was walking on the outside of mum so she was doing all of the hard work really. I just followed her lead. We all took it in turns, so there were no distractions from Ella the other dogs.

photo 5

After that, we did it the other way around. I walked on the inside of mum, closest to the cones. This meant that I really had to watch where I was going so as to not knock them over. The lady That Talks A Lot said to mum that she thought I enjoyed that because my tail started to come up, instead of being down all of the time. I think she was seeing things. But I suppose there was a lot more to think about than the other dogs, so my concentration was elsewhere…maybe?

Anyway, after that we were done apart from some more talking. Next week is our LAST SCHOOL NIGHT!! Hurray!But The Lady That Talks A Lot, was talking about ANOTHER course to start after this one. It was called the Good Citizen Bronze Award, which, if I’m honest doesn’t sound right for a Diva like me. All that work for Bronze?? Mum did say that she wasn’t sure I would do it, but The Lady That Talks A Lot said that not many dogs ever fail that course… sounds like a challenge to me! 🙂

Big Woofs, Millie x


17 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Seven

    • No 😀 that’s my little secret! Mum says she has a real name, but I like mine better.
      School is coming along nicely… because it’s nearly over! YAY!
      Thank you Will and Eko, your comment about my hair made me blush 🙂
      Woofs, Millie xXx

  1. Oh Millie I can’t believe you were paw attacked! You are so brave to continue after such a terrifying encounter! I definitely think a Gold Good Citizen award should definitely be next!

  2. Oh goodness the big paw is always scary but it seems you got through ok sweet one 🙂 so glad you enjoy the car ride too..the sniffs are great aren’t they hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. I’m glad you’re starting to like going in the car. I love going in the car, you never know where you’ll end up! It sounds like you’re getting quite brave at class.

    • Do you think that means she likes me Misaki? That’s what mum said too! She said ‘she just wanted to play’ hmm maybe if you are all saying it, I’ll be kinder next week! So long as she keeps those huge paws to herself!
      Woofs, Millie x

  4. That’s wonderful that Millie enjoys going to class now! Shame about being intimidated by Ella’s playfulness, but that sometimes happens to Charley as well. Sounds like that didn’t stop Millie from performing, particularly with walking-to-heel. Weaving between the cones sounds especially fun and challenging, Can’t believe there’s only one class left! The Good Citizen class sounds very interesting, too!

    • Thank you bill and Charley! Well, I enjoy ‘going’ not so keen when I get there. Boo. Hmm big dogs stamp on Charley too? This all just doesn’t sound fair to me! But yes, I like it when there is something to take my mind of things so the cones were my favourite bit of last week.
      Woofs, Millie x

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