Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Six

Millie's obedience School banner

Woah! Yesterday was a really big day. It started off quite normal, nice and relaxing and then at about lunch time Ellie let off the ‘WooWooWoo’ siren *uh-oh* This means that the grooming van is in the area. It’s never wasted effort because she is always right; two minutes later and the big thing squeezed into the driveway. Mum had forgotten! So she hadn’t had the time to put Ellie’s ‘calm down’ top on her. I was shaking when Carol (that’s the grooming lady) took me, even though I quite like it. Mum reckons we caught it off Ellie, she’s probably right because she does wind us up by being so scared and noisy.

Anyway, when I came out, mum and Carol were talking about school. Carol said she had ‘had a word’ with me about being so scared, she didn’t tell mum what was said… that’s our secret. The thing is she really is undoing all my good work, because I know mum was feeling bad about taking me when I hate it so much. Carol told her it was GOOD FOR ME, and that maybe mum should be TOUGHER! What even is this woman??

Anyway, when it came to go I was really excited. I always am! I know mum is confused by this, but I just like to be out with her; I don’t really mind where we are going. I even enjoyed the car ride this week. I didn’t cry or whine ONCE on the way there. I got up and looked out of the window a lot; it’s quite nice, you should definitely try that! Mum even treated me for having a good time. What?? haha I’m not complaining, though.

Millie so happy

I DID try to escape once we went through the classroom door again… but get this! There was nobody there! Just us and the Lady That Talks a Lot. I was so happy about this, I had a little trot around and gave mum by best smiles. I sat up on the chair and mum gave me a treat. Thankfully mum said I was a ‘good girl’ just at the right time, reminding me that I am too scared to eat here, so I spat the treat back out…*phew* I was thinking maybe this wasn’t so bad at all and really started to settle down. But then I heard a familiar bark, coming from the corridor.

Millie waits

Ella. It was Ella the German Shepard *groan* and pretty soon after that the whole class were there *Boo* We were soon all up and walking around in circles… so dull! I couldn’t be bothered again, mum wasn’t happy but I find it really borinzZz. So I was dragging on the lead and every time we passed the Lady That Talks a Lot I tried to sit down and not move at all. Mum was having NONE of that this week, she just picked me up and put me back on my feet. *sigh* we did this for ages and ages, then we did a ‘health check’ *yawn* and then we practiced everything we had learned in the beginning; Sit, up, lie down, stand up *eye roll*. We practiced food refusal again ‘leave it, take it’… well we didn’t because, you know why! But mum insists on practicing this at home anyway.

Then we were allowed to sit back in our seats and the Lady That Talks a Lot went and got a huge box out of the cupboard and she tipped it all over the floor. It was FULL of balls and ropes and amazingness! She was telling all the mums and dads about the different types of toys and how to select good ones. She pretty much seemed to be saying that anything is good for us, unless they cause a choking hazard. Mum pointed out that a lot of my toys don’t have anything that I might choke on at first, but after a few moments of play that all changes. I don’t know what she means!
The Lady that Talks a Lot was telling us what her dogs like to play with, and that she doesn’t like them playing with toys that squeak because she can’t stand the noise, so she TAKES THE SQUEAKERS OUT before she gives them over. I checked mum’s face because this is not an idea I like the sound of, and she looked pretty mortified too, so at least I know we are safe! Can you imagine toys without squeak?? She showed us what she considered her worst toy ever, and it just so happens it’s my favourite toy ever. Little Air Kong squeaky tennis balls, I sat up for this part because I hoped she might let me play. She didn’t 😦

Millie listen

The talk did seem to go on for a long time, but when it was done we were allowed to leave, hurray!
I had a little nap in the car and when I woke up… we weren’t at home. Mum let me out of the car and we were at THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD! Pets at Home! I was so excited. Mum hates this photo because of something to do with the look of it, but I wanted to show you because it sums up what I think about this place (and the sort of photos mum can get here).

millie lick

There’s so much to smell and so much to see, though we aren’t allowed everywhere because I’m not allowed to play with the ‘live toys’ over the other side of the store. It doesn’t matter though, there is plenty of fun stuff left; like helping mum choose what yummies to get.

Millie sniff

And the best bit ever are the people here! They have great taste in dogs, they pay me lots of compliments and get down to play with me. It’s such a great place to be. HA look at my tail!

Millie greets

I met more than just this lady too, there are so many people in there to play with. There was even two little girls and their mum, they were very polite and asked my mum if it was OK to stroke me, but I was already begging them to. OF COURSE YOU CAN STROKE ME! The girls were very lovely and they told me how beautiful I was, of course. They liked my wiggly tail, well, they should have seen it when that last photo was taken! I am much more restrained around smaller people, they just seem a lot more fragile to me.

Millie happy

Next it was time to go home, but there had been a lot to smile about today. I wonder why they can’t have school here in the shop?

Thanks for reading about my really big day,

Woofs, Millie xXx

P.S. There is no school next week because the The Lady That Talks a Lot is going to Crufts and she needs to rest on the Monday. Yet ANOTHER reason to smile today.


21 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Six

  1. Oh my goodness, that close up pic of you smiling just melts my heart!!!! Millie, you are such a cutie pie!!!! It sounds like your day was awesome, especially with all the attention…it’s like a bonus!!!!:-)

    • Oh thanks!! You’ll really make me blush y’know!
      My day definitely got better and I do really love all the attention, just not from other doggies! Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Woofs, Millie x

  2. Hi Millie! Wow, that sounds like a very busy and exciting day! It sounds like class is going really well — good for you! It sounds like you’re getting more and more used to it every week and learning a lot, too. The toys part at this week’s class sounds especially good — Charley agrees that squeaky toys are much more fun (he also loves those little yellow squeaky tennis balls). And the trip to the pet shop afterwards sounds wonderful — so many interesting smells and treats and toys to explore. And best of all, so many new friends to meet! Glad you had such a fun and exciting day! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much Bill and Charley. Yeah! Can you believe that the lady de-squeaks them!? It was an exciting day really, apart from the school bit. I think I would have rather had my hair cut again than go there. But not many weeks left now.
        Tell Charley he can share my little yellow tennis balls any time! hehe.
        Thank you for stopping by!
        Woof, Millie x

  3. OMD your trainer takes the squeakers out?? But that’s our job! And squeaking is the point of stuffies! Oh the horror.
    Glad you got to go to Pets at Home, I love love love going there too πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Right Misaki? Pulling the squeakers out is the whole point of those toys! Her doggies are missing out!
      Pets at Home is great isn’t it? I wish mum would take me there every week!
      Hugs, Millie x

  4. That last picture is so pretty! The trainer… doesn’t really sound like a right fit for you guys seeing how mom is mortified and you really hate her. I hope you meet a better one next time πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much. Mum thinks you might be right and maybe next time we will go elsewhere. I don’t really hate the lady, but it just seems that wherever she is there are loads of dogs so I don’t much want to get to know her like I do other people. I think she secretly likes the bigger dogs too!
      Thank you for reading my diary,
      Woofs, Millie x

  5. Oh Millie I don’t understand having to go out and go to ‘school’, but you make going out and meeting people look so fun I would almost try it! Keep your chin up sweetie! Hopefully school will be over soon but the trips won’t!

    • thank you so much Marty! School won’t last much longer, Mum says two more sessions. You’re right, the meeting people is much nicer, so I don’t think Mum will stop taking me for trips… who knows what she will come up with next!
      Hugs, Millie x

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