Black & White Sunday: Sand In Our Paws, Please?

myfie ellie beach

This is an older photo, because it’s not very nice on the dog beach right now. When the weather is fine though, this is our favourite walk. Early evening when the sun is setting, shining a halo through fur and the breeze blowing mildly; there’s nothing more perfect.
Oh, but if the tide could have been in recently and left lots of kelp and seaweed for Myfie to have a sniff at…that would be the cherry on the cake.

Where is your favourite place to be?

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23 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Sand In Our Paws, Please?

    • Oh it really is lovely, off-season they are allowed on the main public beach, but to be honest they seem to prefer the dog beach anyway. Probably something to do with non-interrupted smells!
      Thanks Melissa,
      Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

  1. Love the beach…live too far away now…but one day we will move up north to the lovely beach …and yes the seaweed smells and chance of a dead fish are too exciting for pups…you both look so divine 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    • Aww Fozziemum that’s a shame… but it will be all the more exciting when you do get up there! They are so very happy on the beach… didn’t think of the dead fish though, eek! No wonder Myfie has his nose to the ground the whole time!
      Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

      • Hahahahah yep dead fish they love it!! and I love the sand between my toes which never see the light here..especially in summer 😦 hugs and loves to you all Fozziemum xx

  2. I can’t wait to go back to the beach, I’ve only been once really. We had a failed attempt last summer when we went on the busiest day of the year and there were ‘no dog’ signs in force, but later in the year I got to have a good romp with Mollie in the beach.
    Hope you get to have some beach fun soon xx

    • Urgh. Yeah our beach isn’t open to dogs in on-peak seasons, but the ‘dog beach’ is always open. It’s pretty much just a part of it that wouldn’t be very nice for tourists anyway, but in fact the pups seem to prefer it. That’s a good thing, since they are always trying to get the beach closed off to dogs at all times.
      I’m pleased you got to play eventually, but I think they are unfair not welcoming you all the time!
      Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

    • Hey Dennis! Thanks for stopping by, oh you have a chaise lounge? that’s really posh! I think I would swap our beach with you for that… don’t tell the pups though, they already get the best seats in the house.
      Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

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