Millie’s Obedience School Diary: Week Five

Millie's obedience School banner

Well, this week I was kind of getting used to the drill. So when mum opened the car door, I jumped right on in. The nights are definitely getting lighter now too, which makes me happier to be there. I was talking away to mum and at first she seemed concerned, until I made it clear to her that I was chatting! NOT crying. Honestly, you have to show these people everything.

I didn’t even try to back away when mum led us into the classroom door this time. We were the second team there so it was nice and quiet…ahh! Only, then Alice turned up and she tried to say hello. Then Ella turned up too and it all went downhill from there. Mum wouldn’t let me hide again, but I was happy she let me sit on the chair next to her. However, as soon as I was settled the Lady That Talks A Lot shouted out “come on then, let’s get you on the move” and I had to get down and walk round and round again. BUT, I refused, nope, didn’t want to, not having it, not today thank you. I dawdled behind mum on the lead for a few steps and then laid on the floor while she dragged me. The other mums and dads thought this was really funny and they said I looked like a mop. But I wasn’t having fun, quite fed up of the whole thing frankly. And this week it went on for AGES!

Millie Worried

That picture pretty much sums up my thoughts on today’s class.
Next we were trying out ‘food refusal’ that’s where mum tells us to ‘leave it’ and we aren’t allowed to take it till she tells us to. I can do this at home, though it’s really hard. At school though, it is not hard at all. I think I may have mentioned before that I DO NOT WANT THE FOOD in class. Just to make this extra clear, I didn’t even bother looking in the direction of it today. So when it was time to play some games that included throwing food for us to catch, mum and I just had to carry on watching all the other dogs.

The last thing we did today was STAY, mum thought I was really going to struggle with this, because I do not like to leave her side at all. The Lady That Talks A Lot told mum that I might prefer sit on the chair for this one. Mum put me on the chair, and she still had hold of my lead but was moving away from me, and then coming back again. Every time she came back she told me I was a good girl.

Millie on chair

In the end, she even managed to get across the whole room and sit on the chairs opposite me before she came back. She even let go of my lead! I got lots and lots of praise for this. Ella’s mum told my mum that we were ‘just showing off now’ and they both laughed. Mum said I wouldn’t be doing it if I were on the floor. So we tried that, and mum was right. I was far too near to the dogs to think THAT was any fun! We tried a few more times with me sat on the chair, because mum said it would be good to ‘finish on a high note’.
I suppose the chairs do make me taller than some of the other dogs, do you think that’s what she meant?

Woofs, Millie x


8 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diary: Week Five

  1. Great job, Millie! Sounds like you’re really getting the hang of things now, now that you know what to expect. That’s great you do so well at leaving food alone when told, including at home where the challenge is greater. Charley sometimes goes on strike when he feels he’s done enough walking, so we can totally relate to that one. That’s a great idea to use the chair for stay to get used to the idea — sounds like you did a really terrific job and how nice that everyone was so supportive! Love the adorable photos of Millie, especially of her sitting on the chair and smiling! 🙂

  2. Thank you Bill and Charley! At home it’s REALLY hard to leave food alone, because it’s my favourite. But I do try really hard, even though I worry the others with pinch it before mum tells me it’s OK to take it.
    I love to hear that Charley does some of the things that I do. And mum was really proud of me for the STAY. I think she gets a bit annoyed that the photos come out all fuzzy from training but it’s because I am constantly moving and panting. Oh weel, maybe next week…
    Thanks you and hugs, Millie x

    • Thank you Will and Eko! I like to use my cute to help me get away with stuff… I don’t like class because it never seems to work so well on The lady That Talks A Lot 😦
      Woofs, Millie x

  3. Well done with the stay. My little fella Pedro is struggling with the whole idea, but we will get there. Love the photo and caption on the chair.

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