Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Three

Millie's obedience School banner

Since I have gotten more used to riding in the car more when it is dark, I was really excited when mum opened the door and jumped straight in. I didn’t used to like it so much, as you know, but we have had quite a few trips in the dark recently and as long as I can sit in the front seat I don’t mind so much. I’ve even discovered I can reach and stand on a little sticky out bit on the door, then I can see out the window and that’s quite nice actually.
So I was quite enjoying the journey, and when we stopped I got quite excited as I always do. Mum let me out and said ‘we’re at school, Millie. Do you remember?‘. Not really mum, one car park looks pretty much the same as any other in the dark you know? Anyway we walked around the car park for a bit and I sniffed some grass, which was fun. Though I could tell a lot of other dogs had been here before me, they weren’t here now so, that was alright. Next we walked past the corner of a building and all of a sudden, I did remember. OH NO! I tried to turn and walk in the other direction, but since mum has been using the lead in the way the lady that talks a lot showed her last week, I had no chance. We were here AGAIN…


School! Just look at it! Does it look like a happy, fun place to you? Despite my protests we went in anyway, we sat down and mum showed me what she had bought as my treat for tonight. CHICKEN! I didn’t want it though, even though I do love it and it smelled really good. So good that the dog next to us, called Alice wanted it and she tried to pinch it. She could have had it, I didn’t mind. I think mum was disappointed but she shouldn’t worry because I would definitely eat it when we left.
Mum tried to stop me from going under the chair a lot this time, so I compromised by sitting under her feet with just my bum under there. The lady that talks a lot, talked a lot to all the mums and dads and then it was time to walk around in a circle again like last time. I didn’t mind this bit and the others don’t shout so much when this happens. We did walking at different speeds, sometimes we went so slow it was hard to stay at mum’s side. Then we turned around in the middle of walking, which was fine as was walking in zigzags. I think mum found that harder than me. We also did this thing where mum would stop and ask me to sit down, to be honest I wasn’t much in the mood for that. I needed to see what the other dogs were doing, so when I did sit down I did it behind mum’s legs, which is apparently where I wasn’t supposed to be. Oh well.

watching millie

After more ‘blah blahing’ from the lady that talks a lot; we all had to go to the front of the class in pairs and then our mums and dads would walk backwards away from us, and tell us to come holding a treat out. The other dogs were chasing their treats, but I have already said that I didn’t want mine. When it was our turn, mum didn’t even need treats, or to tell me to ‘come’ because every step she took backwards; I was right there with her. Not letting her out of my sight. I also did this whilst crouching and shuffling on the floor because mum was bending down in front of me. I’m not sure that I needed to do that though, the others weren’t!

When we all sat back down again, and I tried to get under the seat, mum picked me up and sat me on the chair next to her. She said she wondered if I might feel more comfortable if I wasn’t down low looking up at all the other dogs and people. I don’t think it really made a bit of difference, but I didn’t complain because at least I was closer to mum and she could stroke me. That’s nice for her, so I sneaked onto her knee to make her even more happy.

Strssed little millie

The next thing to do was teasing us dogs with treats, while rubbing under collars with the other hand. This training is useful for getting us to come back when we have been off the lead doing our own thing. We had to practice this one at home though because of the treats, THAT I DID NOT WANT. Mum sounded worried and asked the lady that talks a lot if I should be starting to feel a bit better about being here now? She explained that at home I am very bossy and I love my food but she could see how stressed I was and how much my heart was pounding. The lady that talks a lot said I was ‘being a diva’ but she thought that I seemed calmer this week and there was still time for that to improve, at least we had the skills to practice at home. I’m not sure I agree, I think if I never had to go back I would be MUCH calmer already. I can tell mum is worried, she says she wants me to enjoy it.

But I think we were both happy to get back to the car at the end of the lesson. I know I was, there was some chicken in mum’s bag with my name on it!

Big Hugs, Millie x


21 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Three

  1. Sounds like school was successful with improvement from one visit to the next! Charley is also not very hungry when he is stressed (if that’s what it was). Walking at different speeds and patterns sounds like great training as does the rubbing under the collar in case of getting away without a lead — sounds like a very practical-minded training class with the focus on things that are important — especially recall training. Even simply going to class every week is great training in itself in getting used to going out at night, car rides, unfamiliar places, noise, big dogs, etc. and helps with building confidence and socializing (it was for Charley). Also, found it to be a good bonding experience for dog and owner to meet a new challenge together. Sounds like a great week at class — good job, Millie! 🙂

    • Oh thank you Bill. I hadn’t thought of it like that, I suppose I am not doing so badly after all! I think it’s good for mum to hear that Charley doesn’t eat when he is stressed too. At school did you train Charley with treats then, or wouldn’t he take them like me?
      I’m dealing with a lot, mum is proud of me but it helps her to be reminded I think. I am definitely enjoying the alone time we get together without Myfie and Ellie! They do get time too, so I suppose that’s fair.. even though I would rather have it all!
      Woofs, Millie x

    • Hehe I AM! Mum says she bets your Shih Tzu is too? Since we are all oh so special :D… she’s definitely right about that! and YES! Chicken, cheese and carrots are all that is needed to make the world go round! 😀
      Woofs, Millie x

      • Yes, Heidi, is a little Diva, too. she knows she is cute and every one tells her so. 🙂 My daughter put ranch on one of her carrot sticks and now she wants ranch dressing with her carrot sticks. 🙂

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