Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Two

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Yesterday was another stressful day for me, Myfie and Ellie. I think I am starting to see why all the people don’t like Mondays very much. There were male humans all over the house that were not family, I have come to recognise them as ‘workmen’. Anyway, they were there all day long and making lots of noise. I didn’t really mind them being there, they are just new fans, though these sort of people seem to very rarely have time to give me the attention I deserve. This is a waste of my extra special tail wagging, so it’s quite annoying. Ellie really struggles when these people are in the house, she shouts the entire time. She’s my sister so it would be rude not to join in. I don’t think you people realise that although barking is a lot of fun; keeping it up for a long time can be tiring.
Anyway, the absolute best part about them being there, was that they needed to use the gate a lot. So every time we wanted to do our business, we had to go on a little walk! This was great and we made sure to look like we needed the toilet A LOT. That, together with the barking wore us all out quite a bit… and then mum put my lead on again and we went in the car.


I don’t mind the car… when it is light outside. Mum talks to me in the car and I like to listen to the radio, I don’t much like mum singing along though (what a racket!!). When she starts that nonsense I find any bit of her I can rest my head on. I do this so she stops singing and to remind her I am there. Anyway, we weren’t in the car very long, maybe half an hour and we arrived at the big building from last week! I was anxious to get out of the car though and have a sniff about. There are so many great smells, I kind of started liking the place. Especially, when I bumped into people and they gave me cuddles and told me how beautiful I am. We walked down the corridors and I was quite happy to be there, mum opened a door and we started to walk in… and then I remembered; the big dogs! they were all there again. Why were we back here?? I tried to run out again, but I had my lead on so mum just walked us right on past them all and sat us down.


I hid under the chair, this time I got really far back, there was no way I was coming out again. The lady at the front of the room was talking for a long time though and the big dogs weren’t shouting much, so I came out and asked mum if I could sit on her knee, or maybe on the chair next to her. SHE WOULDN’T LET ME! Why not?? what possible reason can she have had for preventing that? I wasn’t happy, but then mum got on the floor and was telling me to ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’ and ‘stand’ again. Nope. Not doing it. Mum even tried to bribe me with carrots, my absolute favourite. Nope. All these big dogs were giving me the heebie jeebies, couldn’t concentrate on carrots at a time like this! They were all back to making so much noise again. I scarpered back under the chair, and then the lady that talks a lot made this hissing noise with a red can to make them all be quiet… and I did a little wee 😦 Nobody was cross with me, and I didn’t mean to do it. It was under the chair where I was hiding, which meant I would have to sit in it! So I definitely didn’t do it on purpose. Mum cleaned it up though and then I got to hide back under there.


But not for long, the lady that talks a lot then had mum do ‘health checks’ on us. This bit was OK because mum sat on the floor with me again and she looked into my eyes, ears, mouth and between my paws. Mum does this every day when she grooms me so we were both used to the drill here. Then it was time to walk about in a circle. Yep, with all the other dogs. Mum told me that we were learning to ‘walk to heel’… I’ve no idea what that meant, but she seemed pleased with me. It was no different to regular walking, except there were all the other dogs, which meant I walked directly by mums side for the entire time; rather than wherever I like. I tried a couple of times to walk in between mums legs when the others came close. I don’t think mum was pleased with that bit.

poor millie

The next time we got up and mum pulled me from under the chair it was home time! Mum was putting on her coat so I got very excited and even popped my head out from under the chair a little bit. Mum tried to take a few pictures of me, and this one was the best that she got because I wasn’t in the mood for sitting still for pictures. I look quite happy in it, and I was a little bit because it was finally time to leave. But I was also panting, rather than smiling. The lady that talks a lot, told mum that I  do this because I am stressed. The big dogs are barking because they are stressed, it’s just another way of letting it out.

I wish they would let it out like I do, then none of us would leave with a headache and I might not find them so scary.

Big Woofs, Millie x


11 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week Two

  1. Hi Millie! That sounds like a very big Monday, indeed! All the extra walks at home sound fun and good practice for your day at school. School does sound very stressful with so much noise, but glad the hissing can made the other dogs stop barking (even if it caused a little accident — perfectly understandable, considering the circumstances). So proud of you for doing such a great job at school with the health check (great idea, by the way!) and also walking to heel. Being able to check the eyes, ears, mouth, etc. is very important and that’s so great you do it every day. And walking nicely on a leash is a big deal and not everyone does it very well — that’s something that Charley had to work on as a pup, as he always preferred to walk wherever he pleased, but now does much better. That’s such a cute picture of you, and it does look like you’re smiling, but Charley sometimes does the same panting thing if he gets very stressed — like if he has to wait an extremely long time at the vet before seeing the doctor (he likes going to the vet, but prefers not to wait too long). It sounds like you’re making great progress despite the stress of all the big barking dogs. Great job!

    • Thank you Bill! It’s so lovely that you share Charley’s stories with me, especially my mum because she thinks Charley is perfect. One day soon, I hope to be as good as Charley! So I will keep on with the school, as long as I am making mum proud!
      Schlurps to you and Charley, Love Millie x

  2. Aww Millie, I do love reading your tales! You made me laugh when you mentioned those workmen, and pretending that you needed to go to the toilet lots – our Millie and Mabel do exactly the same thing whenever their normal freedoms are restricted due to those pesky fellas!
    I hope your school sessions become a bit more enjoyable for you soon – they’re scary at first, but now you know the big dogs are a bit stressed out too, maybe that will help 😉 xx

    • They come to your house too!? I don’t blame your Millie and Mabel for wanting out so much. They are such a pain, I hope I didn’t give their game away though! oops!
      Thank you Sue, I suppose it’s good to know that even though they are all so big; they must be a bit scared too … at least I can hide under the chair! hehe
      Schlurps, Millie x

  3. I’m sure you’ll start to like class soon enough, I don’t go anymore but used to love it. I used to play with my friends before class started and then distract them all during it hehehehe, It was loads of fun:-)

    • Oh Misaki! You sounds like you are lots of fun! Though I would probably be scared of you too at first, since you’re so much bigger than me! hmm. But I like you and you say it’s fun, so maybe I should stick it a bit longer!
      Schlurps, Millie x

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