Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week One

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Yesterday was a really big day! First I had to go and have the V.E.T. (strangest name I ever heard, does the guy think he is a rapper or something?) stab me with something. Every time that happens I mean to pay more attention, the way mum talks and the V.E.T tells her to ‘hold tight’ makes me think it’s supposed to hurt. It doesn’t, but if I remembered to whimper or flinch a bit then I’d probably get an extra treat at least. Ah well, I’ll try to think of that next time. Anyway, that bit was over really quickly and we had been sat in the waiting room for so long beforehand I think another day had passed. I wasn’t very impressed with that part. There were two other dogs sat next to me that were really big and WERE NOT Myfie and Ellie. They seemed friendly enough but, well, I really wasn’t in the mood and they were as tall as a dog house, which means scary; so I curled under mum’s chair for our entire wait.

After that we got back in the silver thing with wheels and mum took us somewhere else. I’d never seen THIS place before, it was a bit smelly if I’m honest and mum seemed a bit nervous. I didn’t want to stay, I was getting a bit tired and when we got indoors there were two MORE big dogs. The good bit was, there were a few people around without other dogs and they kept telling me I was beautiful, which I like. I wag my tail loads and act all excited when they pet me, which THEY like. Everybody is a winner. Then we were all called away and we got to walk along big shiny, slippery floors. My favourite, they feel so nice on my paws. We turned into the huge big room… and then I was DEAF!… Not really, but very nearly. There were seven, I counted them, SEVEN other dogs and they were ALL barking. They were louder than Ellie! And guess what? They were BIG. I decided that in the waiting room at the V.E.T.’s house, hiding under the chair hadn’t been so bad; so that’s what I did here too. I was feeling quite drowsy which mum said was probably because of my ‘jabs’. I hope that’s not some kind of disease or something.

Anyway, this lady, who I actually thought seemed really nice and probably wanted to stroke me (but I think she didn’t want to show favourtism), stood there and spoke to all the humans in the room. I’m pretty sure mum couldn’t hear what she was saying because of all the barking. But she kept talking anyway because they were not shutting up. I heard mum talking about me, she told the lady I was ‘two and a half years old, had been spayed and wasn’t naughty, but sometimes preferred not to listen and do what I like instead. She wanted me to be able to have a go at agility because she really thinks I might like it’. The lady agreed and told my mum that I suffered from ‘Princess Syndrome, it’s typical of the breed’ mum laughed and agreed with her. I wonder how she could tell I was a princess when I was sat under the chair!

After more talking, it was time for some chaos. All the people got off their chairs and were telling their noisy dogs, first to ‘sit’ then to ‘lie down’ and then to ‘stand up’.  Mum was also doing this with me, but, like I said, I really wasn’t in the mood and the treats that she had weren’t even interesting me. I just wanted a rest and was busy watching all the others. So dull, I can already do that stuff anyway! Well, I sit when mum asks me to. I’ll lie down when I want to thank you very much, and why are you asking me to stand up when you JUST told me to sit or lie down! Quite frankly the whole thing was ridiculous. I was pleased when they all stopped that nonsense and I could get back to having a nap under the chair.

The rest of the time, the lady was talking more and she put a big pile of collars and leads in the middle of the floor. I don’t know why mum was listening to this bit, she makes collars and leads so she can have as many as she likes. But she was listening, and she seemed to really not like some of them. They were being passed around the humans. Not all of them, but some of the ones that seemed to be made of hard, clinky-sounding stuff. All the people were putting them on their hands and pulling them really tightly, one of them had sharp things sticking out and mum REALLY didn’t seem to like that one. She passed it over very quickly. Once they stopped moving around I could get back to my nap and pretty soon it was time to go. I was really hoping that we weren’t now going on to somewhere with even more dogs. It was really dark outside now, and I am not much a fan of being in the big, moving, silver thing in the dark. But mum gave me some of the treats that I wouldn’t eat in the room, and I settled down on the seat, I kept a close eye on mum to make sure everything was o.k. and it seemed to be fine, no need to lift my head up.

Finally, after being out for probably a week! we got home. Myfie and Ellie were obviously really pleased to see me, so I jumped on them to show them I had missed them a little bit too. Also I wanted to show off. They could smell all these weird smells on me and I could tell they were really jealous. I was pleased to be back because it meant I could have a big long sleep. I did so on mum’s knee, she likes that, and I wanted to say thank you for spending some lovely time with her. She said we are going again next week and that I will enjoy it more because I will be more awake. She also said she is going to take carrots with her for my treats, which is good for two reasons: 1) Carrots are orangey, tasty, goodness and 2) I’ll get them all to myself because Myfie and Ellie won’t be there!

P.S. Mum says sorry there are no pictures in this really long post. She hopes that next time we will have more opportunities for her to get her phone out, and also that I won’t spend as much time under the chair…we’ll see

Big Woofs, Millie x


12 thoughts on “Millie’s Obedience School Diaries: Week One

  1. Wow, what a busy and exciting day, Millie! Mum must be so proud of you for being so good at the V.E.T. and also at your first day of class! It does sound like you saw a lot of other very big dogs who were very chatty. It sounds like class went very well and you’ll be leaning all sorts of wonderful things. The treats part sounds excellent — especially carrots! How many weeks is your class? Thanks for writing about it. Charley also went to school and enjoyed it very much. We look forward to hearing about your classroom adventures! 🙂

    • I LOVE carrots, they are my favourite. Better than cheese! But maybe not as good as Dentastix and mum says although she is very proud of me, we can’t really use them as training treats, boo.
      Thanks for reading about my day, mum is always banging on about Charley being such a good boy so she’ll think this school thing is an even better idea now!
      It lasts for 8 weeks, and I am sure the big dogs will be better once I get to know them!
      Schlurps to you and Charley x

    • Thank You! Yeah, mum just needs to be better organised next time and not go to the V.E.T.s first so we are late. She’ll remember the carrots then, and if I am feeling in the mood I might just do what she tells me! lol
      Schlurps, Millie x

  2. That was a busy day!
    I never could understand why we have to repeat the stuff we know. I like to move onto something new! Where’s the fun in repeating ‘sit’ and ‘down’ over and over?

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