Black & White Sunday: Do Not Disturb

millie rests b&w

Millie likes to find the most comfiest of places to rest. She is particularly fond of places that mean she has to be moved, like Mum’s chair. She lays on her back and closes her eyes, then when you approach, she pops her mahoosive peepers open and gives you the ‘side eye’ look. She usually throws in a little grumble that means; Do Not Disturb. But her waggly tail gives her away, it’s one of her favourite attention-seeking games. We carry her to a more suitable place, lay her down, still on her back, and there she drops off to sleep.


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11 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Do Not Disturb

    • Thanks so much, Bill. Haha, yes! This is the side-eye, you don’t quite get the full effect when it’s taken from above, but its power is still clear. Too clever for our own good this one.

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