Happy New Year


Hello everybody! How was your Christmas? We had lots of fun here at Pawed Towers. Chaos and new toy destruction, mixed with love and laughs;  you can’t ask for better than that.

This is just a short post, to wish you a VERY Happy New Year! it’s been great getting to know you all, and keep in touch more with those of you that have been around as long as we have. Heartfelt thanks to every one of you and may it continue in 2014.
In fact, it is one of my resolutions to make it so! Unlike most years, I have many resolutions for 2014 (am usually one of those people who doesn’t bother since they ‘get broken anyway’). Most of them are centred on building up my business and there are a few personal ones in there too.

I don’t really have any concerning the dogs this year, other than keeping them as happy as can possibly be. But that’s not really a New Year thing, it’s an everyday thing isn’t it?. However, the pups have informed me that they have at least one resolution each; so I’ll be doing my very best to help them keep theirs.

  • Myfie is going to stop being so greedy and trying to pinch the girls’ food when they aren’t looking.
  • Ellie is going to try her best to stop being frightened and shouting at other dogs/cats/strange people she sees on her walks. And…
  • Millie is going to stop trying to walk in the exact same place as me, when I am already walking there. It’s dangerous, she knows.

We would love to hear if you or your owners/pets have any resolutions. Please let us know in the comments, maybe we are missing some!

Happy New Year once more, with lots of Woof!Carrie, Myfie,, Ellie and Mille!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year! Love the image at the top of the post with Myfie, Millie and Ellie all wearing their party hats! Their New Year’s resolutions all sound very commendable and realistic in being attainable. Charley sometimes has a tendency to get underfoot, but usually does well in that regard. He’s learned how to generally not get in the wrong spot, but does do it on occasion. And I know where to watch for him, so it usually works out. One training command I’m very grateful for is “Go to your place.” He’ll go to his cushion or rest spot in whatever room we’re in when I say that (for a treat reward, of course). It’s really been great at making sure he can’t trip me up at times I need it. I also have to keep an eye out when visiting family, as he likes to help in the kitchen and can stand right in the way (or directly behind someone) when meals are being prepared (not safe when handling knives. etc.) Stealing food isn’t an issue with only one dog, but that happened in the past when our family had multiple dogs. Charley generally gets along very well with other dogs, but I’ve taken to asking other owners before approaching with Charley to make sure it’s OK. I usually get a response and most will answer honestly whether their dog would like to say hello. For Charley, resolutions would include making sure he gets enough grooming time in, getting plenty of long walks, and keeping up with his daily training. Thanks for posting your pups’ resolutions. Thinking about things like that can help dogs (and owners) stay happy and healthy.

    • Thank You! It was a fun image to make, we used picmonkey for it! Have you tried?
      “Go to you place” is a great command, we might have to give that a go! The thing with Millie is she only ever does it in the house! She is fine out for walks, apart from the odd bit of ‘crabbing’ but indoors; she just wants to be where ‘you’ are… all the time! The underfoot thing in the kitchen, I think is something no dog can resist! Ellie and Myfie even join in there.
      Yes! At least Charley doesn’t have anybody to steal from! Myf will generally try to eat THEIRS first and save his for last. He is a monster, licks the top of them all in the hope the girls’ will be put off… I can’t imagine Charley trying anything like that!
      With Ellie, we have at least come to the conclusion that she is nervous. We were puzzled for a while, because she is in no way an aggressive dog. And if a well meaning owner does approach us and we manage to chat a while, she is fine the next time we see them. So it’s definitely nerves. She’s a hard one though because she doesn’t respond to food rewards like the other two do. It’s almost like she’s too nervous to care about the food.
      I am sure Charley’s resolutions will be kept. You two are a very inspiring pair for us!
      Thanks so much for your comment, it was lovely to read it and learn even more about Charley.

  2. Happy New Year to you all! Good luck with your resolutions. This year I’m going to work with ZuZu to be a better dog on her leash; she’s horrible!

    • Happy New year to you all too! Ah I understand how difficult that can be, because of Ellie’s nervousness she can be a nightmare on hers too! Good luck! We have our paws crossed for you x

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