TV advertising – 2013 has gone to the dogs!

The TV advertising world seems to have gone mad for our furry best friends this year (and rightly so, in my honest opinion). I don’t think I have ever seen so many commercials featuring our precious pets, especially those advertising things other than pet food and products specifically. The examples have been brilliant and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites. If you are UK based then you will instantly know the ones I am talking about, and you’ll probably (I hope) have a watch anyway because they truly are fantastic. If you aren’t based in the UK then I hope you enjoy seeing them probably for the first time (assuming we didn’t steal them).

Here are my top 5 (in no particular order, apart from the last one… save the best till last).


I love this whole campaign from O2, they’ve had other ads since this first one. Here’s the latest one, which is equally as brilliant:

2. Three – PAYG 321

It’s a PUG what more do you want? Ellie finds this advert particularly confusing, she tries to follow him when he goes off the screen… ahh if only it worked like that, we’d have a bunch of pugs living with us right now! Here’s the Christmas one, in case you are interested… because it’s Christmas!

We are seriously serious about wanting those pugs!

3. VOLKSWAGEN – #woofwagen

I may be just a tiny bit biased about this one, up until recently we had our very own #woofwagen! But this ad is just beautifully shot and every single one of those dogs are smile-makers.


This one is advertising dog food of course, but the Cesar adverts are always just lovely. This years offering is no exception, only, aside from the story, I think I like this one a bit more because little Cesar is on the scruffy side here; like most Westies (including my own). Most of the previous Cesar adverts have featured brilliant white Westies, which quite frankly just makes me jealous!

And… Last but not least


This has to go down as my favourite advert of all time. I may have cheated a little because it was actually released before this year, but they HAVE re-ran it recently, much to my extreme delight. It has won an abundance of awards, all well and truly deserved. And as dog owners, we can totally relate to poor Harvey’s plight… or rather that of his dad! just brilliant.

So they are my top five, did you like them? Which one is your favourite? Did I miss any, even? I would love to hear what you though; especially if it is the first time you have seen them!

Oh, and just because I can’t resist, and because hooves count as paws if you are a pony… and definitely if you haven’t seen it before; you have to click on:


Woof and tail wags!

EDIT: P.S. Dear Mr WordPress, I’m not being paid or anything to feature these companies. It’s all about the cute! Thank You! You may enjoy them too, if you’d like!


6 thoughts on “TV advertising – 2013 has gone to the dogs!

    • Aww thank you! I am so pleased you enjoyed them, I was hoping you hadn’t seen them. When I worked in marketing, I tried to include dogs in everything because they make the world happy. Not many shared my view but I knew I was on to something, damnit!! x

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