Groom Day is Doomsday

Ellie Thundershirt bw

Yesterday was eventful! It always is when the groomers are in town. Millie (being a hairy furry) is groomed every six weeks so she’s pretty used to it. She actually loves her daily grooming done by me, we go at it for over an hour but she just falls asleep. I just pick her up and turn her over when needed, and aside from a grumble here and there about having her sleep disturbed, there’s no fuss at all from her. She doesn’t even open her eyes.
Ellie on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish altogether. She just about tolerates me going at her with a brush, but when the groomers are due … all hell breaks loose. I swear she has a sixth sense for when they are due (either that or she can smell the clean approaching from miles off – probably that). Five minutes before they even pull into the drive she is a sorrowful mess. She cries and whimpers and paces around, then as soon as she sees that van pull up she just gets her bark on! … and it stays on, till they’ve gone. maybe for a little bit afterward, barking is her favourite! We bought her a Thundershirt specifically for this reason, the results are a bit mixed to be honest but it’s not doing any harm having it on her and if she gets even the tiniest bit of comfort out of it then it’s worthwhile.

Days like yesterday are particularly tough on her though, because the groomers were here for HER! Not just her, all three of the monsters. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that all that fuss is when they are just here for Millie! They are here pretty much for a whole afternoon, with three dogs to make beautiful. We send Ellie in first of course, and she’s perfectly behaved while she is in there; Carol (the groomer) says she is actually the most relaxed of them all. We don’t know what goes on in her little head.

Myfie is so laid back, he is perfectly happy to settle himself in for a bit of pampering … he knows there are treats to come after. But yesterday, the drama was all his! He came in all sparkly, clean and smelling lovely; trotted himself off to get his treats and we noticed little patches of blood in a trail behind him. He didn’t have a clue what was going on and didn’t appear to be in any discomfort. He let me lift his little paw up to see what was happening and I was greeted with a bloody mess, I tried not to be alarmed since (as previously mentioned) he is a ‘bleeder’… and took him to Carol to have a clean and a look. One of his claws was literally split down the middle! Poor little fella! I think all of the dirt must have been holding the thing on, and the bath had loosened it all up! We decided to dash him to the vets because the vein was exposed and could cause him pain. Millie is in the van and Ellie is beside herself at this point; she thinks Myf is going for a walk because he is having his lead put on and … it’s chaos, all hell is breaking loose.

Myfie Poorly

It turns out that it was an old break and he’ll be fine. They took the offending claw off, gave him some painkillers and put a little bandage over the paw so we can keep it clean and dry, avoiding infection. He wanted no part of any bandage though and as soon as he was home, made it his mission to free himself of it! I tried reapplying it several times, to no avail … but it’s not wasted. Millie didn’t like feeling left out so insisted that she got to wear it instead.Millie Rambo

Myfie was displeased about the change of ownership though. Just because he doesn’t want to wear it, does not mean SHE can. Cue their favourite game of play-fighting (paw troubles long forgotten), Ellie hiding under the curtain suckling with Sam (her big stuffed dog toy) and our usual chaotic order was restored. Ahh!

So, what’s a typical groomsday in your house? Do your pups love it, or hate it? We’d love to hear, especially Ellie!


4 thoughts on “Groom Day is Doomsday

  1. Wow, sounds like a very eventful grooming day! So glad that Myfie is OK — that sounds upsetting about his injury. Glad he’ll be OK. Millie’s so good about being groomed! Love how she just goes to sleep. Poor Ellie — sounds like a very traumatic experience for her.

    Charley goes to a grooming place nearby for his bath. He’s been going to the same place since he was a puppy, and he actually likes going there — when we approach, he’ll walk faster and eventually start running to get there. The groomer is fantastic and really does a great job with Charley. The very first grooming place I took Charley to as a puppy was OK at first, but something unpleasant happened that terrified him and afterwards he always started shaking when I’d take him back. I don’t know what happened, but afterwards he developed an intense fear of being bathed, which he hadn’t had at first. So I stopped taking him there soon after. That was a very long time ago and he’s been going to his current place since.

    Every morning, I brush him at home with a brush and comb and redo his topknot. Most of the time is spent on his face. When he was little, this would take up to an hour, but now takes just a few minutes every day.

    Really enjoyed your post about grooming — always interested to know how others do it!

    • Thank you, yeah doesn’t it just stir up panic when they are hurt in any way? And if there’s BLOOD! oh dog! … That said though, he is fine now thank you. Well, if you asked him it would be a different matter, he seems to have decided that it’s more fun and he gets more attention if he limps around. Yeah he’s milking it, and we are pandering to it too! He forgets himself a lot of the time, like when he is throwing Millie around the living room but all of a sudden if he sees one of us watching he’ll develop this pitiful limp. With his front paw held up like ‘woah is me’ and we have to sympathise … but it was his back paw! He’s a cheeky little bugger šŸ™‚

      It’s interesting you say that about Charley, many moons ago when dear Pyp was with us the exact same thing happened. in that something happened at the groomers and we don’t know what but it made him so nervous and not want to be groomed by anybody! It’s a scary thought isn’t it? You don’t really know what goes on but you know ‘something’ has happened! Which is why when you find a great groomer you have to stick to them, almost to the point of stalking!

      We’re very lucky in that Carol is a mobile groomer. She comes in her great big van and they go inside on your premises. i always hated that leaving them and then picking them up and not knowing what to expect (especially after the Pyp Incident). So we are very lucky not to have to do that … and we also have the peace of mind that Ellie’s fear isn’t caused by anybody who we’ve placed her in the care of! I’m so pleased Charley got over what it was that frightened him enough to trust another groomer!

      I sooo wish I could have Millie bathed more often by the pros! I tell myself she prefers that I do it anyway, to make myself feel better šŸ™‚ But yes! the face takes an age doesn’t it? I notice that Charley doesn’t seem to suffer with any tear stain, do you have any tips for me?? and it’s her least favourite part (she can’t sleep for that bit). But she is SO good, our daily groom is a pleasure really!

      Thanks so much for commenting, I’m pleased you enjoyed the post … still really nervous putting stuff out there (here) so you gave me the warm and fuzzies! šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you! He’s greatly enjoying the attention I can tell you that much šŸ™‚
    lol, well to be fair he does insist on trying to get in Millie’s dresses sometimes so … not sure the pink would offend him that much, but for man-dog points I bet he’d say that’s what it was šŸ˜€

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