House of Pawed?

Ellie and Millie have moved in already

Ellie and Millie have moved in already

I’ve been absent a lot for the last few months. But I have been busy; my business plans seem to have come full circle within that time and I can actually feel myself teetering on the edge of something now. It’s really scary, but incredibly exciting at the same time. I didn’t expect the whole process of starting a business to actually teach me anything about myself, but it has. Some good, some not so good; but mostly a whole lot of stuff to work on … hurray! … ahem!

Anyway, one of the major things that became apparent was that I actually needed ‘somewhere’ to make my makes. There are various, very good reasons why a room inside my home wasn’t going to cut it; one of the main reasons being that there isn’t much ‘room’. While discussing this with friends, I had lighthearted suggestions thrown at me such as “put a table in the garden” or “do it in your car”.  A most helpful circle of friends you can see! Though, actually, upon researching a little online I discovered just how many people are doing just that! … not sitting in their cars, or directly in the garden but creating their very own ‘shedquarters’ – madness!!…

Until you really start to think about it, and then become obsessed with the idea and then my garden is quite big; I could paint it pink, it could look like a little house, the dog house (heehee). No, too common, Pawed House, no … HOUSE OF PAWED!! I’ll just have a little look on Pinterest. Before I know it, I’ve sold my car, had my garden measured up and I am booking workmen to get the thing moving.

If only it had been that fast though! The fact is a few months down the line, I’m not ready for moving in yet and there’s still so much work to do before I can. But, the good news is: there’s less work to DO than has already been DONE! (EDIT: This was a bare-faced lie! Fooling myself, much?)

Now … I just need the weather to stay nice, until I can get it finished 🙂

Myfie isn't as sure as the girls ... that step's kinda big!

Myfie isn’t as sure as the girls … that step’s kinda big!

Space shed ... and a workman, not doing any ;)

Space shed … and a workman, not doing any 😉


6 thoughts on “House of Pawed?

    • Thank you so much! The pups love it, which is odd since only Millie will go in the actual ‘sheddy’ shed … the other two won’t step over the threshold. Myfie does seem to try and scratch the walls down for some reason when he’s in there, I just put it down to him being him … my little oddball 🙂 Loves to you and charley, thanks for stopping by!

  1. How exciting!! Great to hear things are coming together for you 🙂
    We’ve got a tiny garden and a tiny summerhouse which I’ve had insulated so I can disappear off in there to work when I need to get out of the house. If we had more space I would have loved to have a ‘proper’/permanent office built out there though – yours looks like it’s going to be amazing!

    • Thanks so much Sue … lovely to hear from you again! I’ve been FB stalking you from afar though! (in fact I just figured out the other day how to ‘like’ a page from your own page … go me!)
      Ohh wow! So you have a little hut too! … do you love it? tell me it’s worth all the stress!! Haha. It’s not huge, just a little summerhouse too but it’s bigger than the tiny, stuffed box-room I’ve not been getting very far in!

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