Millie’s Birthday Bash

It was Millie’s first birthday on Monday (July 9th) and I still can’t believe how this year has sped by already, of course it means she has only been with us for around ten months but it still seems like yesterday when I fetched her through the door for the first time *sigh*. Anyway, unfortunately she wasn’t able to celebrate on the actual day as she was feeling a little poorly. She looked under the weather all morning and then decided to lunch on some grass, and we all know what that means! So the party was postponed.

Yes, party! In Millie’s case a tea party, with a pink Hello Kitty theme. Parties for the pups have become a bit of a tradition. In fact I’m guilty of making more of a fuss of their birthdays than my own. But why not? truth is it’s fun for all four of us (even better if Nanna and Grandad join in!). We don’t invite any other pups along, at the minute three is a party anyway but in the future who knows?

Anyway by Monday evening Millie was back to her usual tearaway-self so we were all good to go for Tuesday. We began the day with an extra long mid-morning walk that the pups followed with a lengthy nap when we got back home. While they were napping I got things set up; I iced and decorated the Pupcakes I had previously baked (if you are interested in the recipe please say, I’ll be happy to share), laid the Hello Kitty table cloth on the floor and blew up lots of pink and white heart shaped balloons. Ellie and Myfie are a fan of party clothes and hats for their birthdays, but Millie isn’t so keen on either and it’s much hotter at this time of year so we gave those bits a miss. The cakes went down well as usual and in record time, they all three know the drill so excitement levels were high! then they were washed down with a small amount of decaffeinated tea. Only the best for my pampered pooches don’t you know! Finally, to burn off those extra calories the girls and I played Keepy-ups with the balloons (Myfie hid behind the sofa … wimp) until they were all burst, the tongues were all out and the pups (and me)Ā were ready for another nap!

Happy Birthday Millie, till next year! x








12 thoughts on “Millie’s Birthday Bash

  1. Aww Happy Birthday Millie! Sounds like you all had a fab time, and I can see from the pics that the cakes were delicious!

    We’re great believers in doggy birthday parties here too. Our Millie celebrated her 5th – yes 5th, unvelievable!! – birthday at the end of April. She had lots of pressies and a home baked cake on the day, then when her pals were back from holiday the following weekend we had a full blown party and crazy play time at our local doggy day care centre, Day Care 4 Paws! The lovely Sarah at Day Care 4 Paws lays on birthday parties and supplies party bags, a cake (yes, another one lol), and prizes for all the doggy fun and games. We all had a great time, and the dogs were exhausted at the end of their 2 hour session!

    It will be Mabel’s 4th birthday in October – on Halloween to be precise, so you can imagine what the party shenanigans are like when it’s her big day! Dracula, red devil and witches costumes have all been known to make an appearance! šŸ˜‰


    • Aww thank you! šŸ™‚
      I’m so pleased we aren’t the only ones that do the whole birthday party thing! Your Millie is 5?? wowee! That’s how old Myfie will be this year too, I’ll forever call him a pup though, as I expect you do with Mille!
      Your day care centre sounds just fab! Now THEY sound like parties to behold! We don’t really have a good doggy community around here if I am honest which is why I’m usually apologetic-sounding for my crazy-dog-lady-ness. I couldn’t tell you where our closest doggy day-care facility is (well, boarding kennels aren’t quite the same thing are they?) and only one set of my friends have a pet, which is a cat, rather than a dog! Hey-ho their loss I guess! šŸ™‚
      I can not WAIT to hopefully see some pictures from Mabel’s birthday! Halloween is my 2nd favourite time of year and if Millie thinks she is escaping dress-ups this year she has another thing coming! haha! Not that she needs one to look like a little devil to be honest šŸ˜‰

      Thank you for commenting, always appreciated! x

    • Ahh sorry Clowie, there’s not šŸ˜¦ They have to be eaten up quickly because of the cream cheese topping! … Not making it any better for you am I? You’ll have to get the folks to bake you some huh? šŸ˜‰

    • Thank you!! Yip Yip! … I didn’t want to share, but I got this whole one because we had one each! …. but it was my birthday, so I definitely think they should all have been mine! pfft :p

    • Heheh yep lovingly created … is it wrong d’ya think that I take so much pride in seeing them wolf the things down!? … on one hand they’re dogs, food is always good! but on the other, if they did! turn their noses up then I’m a seriously bad cook/baker/whatever … hmmm haha šŸ˜€ xXx

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