Do You Snog Your Dog?


This is something that I’ve been wondering about today, and it’s popped into my head on two separate occasions. The first was when I publicly outed my three pooches on Twitter this afternoon, and the second was when Millie decided to share her love at the Animal Hospital.

It’s my mum’s 70th birthday today (happy birthday mummy) and therefore she must be subjected to extra affection from anybody/thing that she comes into contact with.
Myfie, Ellie and Millie all get extra excited when they spot gift-wrap and cards laying around, or presents being opened. So once they had worked out who was the centre of all this attention, there was no stopping them! All three jumped up on her knee for ‘kisses’. They know ‘kisses’ as a sort of command really, because, well because I taught them it. In fact, it’s the first thing I’ve always trained my dogs before ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ or anything else. It’s easy isn’t it? Dogs naturally want to show you affection and vice versa, so it’s just a matter of putting a name to the act. And I do believe it is affection they are showing us. I once worked with a lovely lady who had read or heard that the reason a dog will lick you is because in the wild, wolf cubs lick their mothers mouth to encourage her to regurgitate a meal for them (I know, I know, vile, sorry!). In other words, they are trying to tell you they are hungry and not how much they love you. I obviously told her I thought she was off her rocker and so was that whole concept! But, nevertheless she thought the idea of kissing ones pet, or having them kiss you, was absolutely disgusting! She keeps rats, I’m unsure I’d let a rat kiss me either; but then…

Anyway, I digress. So, the dogs are mugging my poor mum and she doesn’t stand a chance if I’m honest. One is easy to appease, but three is impossible and while she isn’t averse to giving them a little peck on the head herself, she’d much rather they didn’t lick her! But they did, continuously, and I found the whole episode so cute I decided to tweet about it. It wasn’t until a little later that I wondered what people might make of that. As said, it’s a normal occurrence in my home and I assumed my like-minded doggie friends would agree. But it’s a pretty evenly split debate I’ve found, along with allowing your dog to sleep with you.

The second incident came at the Veterinary Surgery when I took Millie in for her 10-day check-up (she’s doing great by the way, and I’m pleased I don’t have to hold her back as much from her rugged play anymore). Millie has taken a dislike to the men in white coats, she’s fine with the nurses, but the actual (shh) V.E.T. makes her want to run in the opposite direction and she starts trying to moonwalk out of the door. So, I pick her up and place her on the examination table. The very serious man squats down to her level and asks her what the fuss is all about, and why doesn’t she just give him a kiss? And so she does! French style, because she’s way quicker than he is (… and she’s trained).  Oops.
He spits a little and wipes his mouth, then lets out this huge booming laugh (making us both jump) and actually plants a full smackeroo on her lips in return. And that’s it; she’s putty in his hands for the rest of the appointment. They are now best friends. I’m pleased, but for that split second I actually thought I was going to die of embarrassment and I apologised for her. He told he if he didn’t love animals, he wouldn’t be in that job and as a Vet he’s had far worse in his mouth! Yeah, I don’t want to think about that too much either.
But, the thing is, doesn’t that mean he shares my feelings on this? That a kiss is a sign of affection, regardless of species?

Of course there’s more than that to this debate, it’s the hygiene situation that gets people talking. For the record, I do not indulge in snogs à la France. A kiss from my beloveds is usually in the region of three quick licks to the chin, nose or forehead. Skin washes, so I personally don’t find it offensive and well, if a mistake happens here and there (Ellie is a nightmare) and I don’t move my head away in time etc. I don’t lose any sleep over it. I’m pretty sure that I’m never going to catch anything from them and there are times when I do say no to kisses (just eaten, just come in from outside, have I just seen them clean themselves?) but that’s just my personal squeamish count. I’m happy to let my dogs kiss me and I’m happy to kiss them back. Furthermore, I’ve just discovered: I’m happy to admit it too. Mwah Mwah!

I’d love to share your thoughts on this though. Everybody must have an opinion on this one, right? If you’re not so comfortable about admitting anything, please feel free to state ‘my friend’ etc. Do you think it’s unhygienic? Or do you disagree that our dogs/cats/rats link any of this nonsense to affection? I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks for taking to time to listen to my ramblings, while I sorted it out in my own head too! I snog my dogs and I’m proud!


10 thoughts on “Do You Snog Your Dog?

  1. Another great post – and yet again I’m in total agreement with you!

    Millie and Mabel are both kissers, and I have no problem with it at all (other than at the same times that you mention!).

    Whenever I got down on the floor to play with Millie as a puppy, I’d end up lying on my back with her leaping about all over me like a crazy thing. She would always make a beeline for my face and cover me in kisses. I started making ‘raspberry’ noises in a half hearted attempt to stop her, but this just got her even more determined and excited. To this day, 5 years on, making that raspberry noise is guaranteed to get her tail wagging like crazy and she’ll give me the same silly puppy kisses!

    Mabel can be a slightly more dangerous kisser than Millie – sometimes she gets a little too carried away and has been known to nibble a nose or an ear in her time!

    Both girls give kisses when they’re feeling playful, happy, excited, or pleased to see us when we come home.

    Millie loves a cuddle with my mum (her “gran”!) and is even allowed to give her a sneaky kiss, so long as my dad isn’t looking – he disapproves of such things. Bah, what does he know, eh? 😉

    • Thank you so much! and for commenting too!
      Ahh nothing gets a pup more excited than when you come down to ‘their level’ i.e. the floor, does it? I still do it now, and they all three rush up for kisses and i’m left gasping for breath! You know from pulling that adorable clamped-lip expression!

      It’s funny, for some reason blowing raspberries in this house has the two Westies running off with their tails and ears down. They hate it!I was gong to write a post about it at some point actually, it’s really strange! Millie couldn’t give a monkeys though! She’s like your Millie in that way too ‘right, that must mean you want a kiss!’ haha. Aww and Mabel, she’s just enthusiastic bless her! Aren’t their little quirks just funny?

      My mum (Nanna) was never a fan of kissing dogs you know, I wonder if it’s a generation thing too? But I’ve caught her asking Millie for a kiss when she thinks nobody is looking! 😉

      These nay-sayers, I think it’s their loss don’t you? Give me pooch smooches any day! 🙂

  2. My bipeds don’t like being licked, they say it tickles and they pull away. But I put my face up close to theirs as long as I keep my tongue to myself! They used to blow raspberries on my tummy when I was a puppy and I still get really excited if they do that now.

    • Bipeds!! Oh that’s a lovely term, haha 🙂
      Ah see, you’re another one that likes the raspberries! Clowie, I wish my pups did but it frightens them! … can you believe it? if they hear the noise, they run for cover! … not Millie though, she hasn’t picked up on that and she doesn’t mind a little blow on her tummy but I just don’t understand it. And I definitely wish I could trust my lot to put their face close and not try anything on! … you’re so polite. I bet your ‘bipeds’ are so proud of you!! 🙂

  3. This! This is the post that had me laughing so much in the car park of the school I was doing supply at that I had to compose myself before I went in! I also typed out a bloody great reply, and my smartphone wigged out and munched it! Basically, I wouldn’t tongue sarnie, but nor would I flip out if a pooch planted one on me. Unless it had REALLY bad breath or it had just been eating cat poop. Then, well, I would have an issue…

    FAB post! Do more!!!!!!!!!!! :Dx

    • Aww haha! Thank you hun, that’s the best compliment I could have gotten for something I’ve written … urgh, the amount of times I’ve tried to reply using iphone and it’s gone belly-up, soooo frustrating!! grrr!!
      But yeah, see that’s especially reassuring to hear given you are sans-pooch because honestly my guys don’t care; if they like you, they’ll show you and that’s that! Never considered cat poop though! Eew that’s one more thing to worry about! Damn it!
      Thanks for commenting hun xXx

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